do you have a rotary chopper/mixer

vacuumfreakSeptember 20, 2006

Have you seen those plastic contraptions that have a crank on the top and have various attachments? The one I have is red and has a food processing blade, a flat beater, and mixer beaters. I got mine at a yardsale for 3 dollars, so I think I did pretty good. I have seen some black/chrome looking ones on infomercials with more attachments. Do you ever use these things? I use mine every once in a while, but I find that it is very difficult to clean and not as powerful as I would like. Here is a link to on eon ebay so that if you don't know what I am talking about you can see. If you have one, do you use it and how does it come in handy? Thanks.

Here is a link that might be useful: manual food processer

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I have one. My mother gave me one as a gift. It looks identical to the picture you posted. I use it very seldomly. I make egg salad in it or chop onions, but that's about it.

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Several years ago, at a RV park, a person made a great meat loaf using potatoes, carrots, onions chopped first then mixed with 1/2 pound of meat and then put it in the microwave. There was more to the recipe but oh so good.

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