cheap nonstick for induction

liz_hSeptember 20, 2007

One of the few frozen dinners that we like are the Bertolli dinner in a bag - I forget what they're called exactly. I would like a 12" nonstick skillet for preparing these - so the cleanup will be as easy as the preparation. But I don't do any real cooking in nonstick, so don't want to spend much money on the pan. I'd love to keep it under $15. Is there such an animal?

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$15?? That's really aggresive. Here's an 11" Johnson Rose Crown Select Excalibur skillet for $34.42 at Instawares. I that that was really, really cheap!

I have the 10" version of this pan, and it's a decent pan.

They also have a 13" version (Instawares calls is 14"), but no 12".

Here is a link that might be useful: 11

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You can get a good cast iron skillet for under $20 at Walmart. You might find a nonstick skillet there, too, for $15, just remember to bring a magnet, some aren't well labeled.

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Thanks, solar - that looks like a nice pan, better than I need but at least worth the money.

mom - thanks for the pointer. We stopped in Walmart the other day and looked, but didn't have a magnet with us.

The frozen dinners in question have a cheese sauce, which tends to stick to either stainless or cast iron. Considering that those 2 pans are great for anything else, I hate to spend much money on a non-stick!

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