Delonghi Stand Mixer Users?

bobbi_pSeptember 8, 2005

I posted this over in Appliances, but they sent me over here. Additional research since my original post is making me lean towards the Delonghi. Any thoughts on the 5 qt vs. the 7 qt? Is 5 qt still plenty large enough to do double batches of cookies?

I saw the text of the LA Times mixer review. Thanks for those of you who posted it.

Here's my post from appliances:

Hi everyone. I'm not a regular here, but am hitting brick walls out there on the net to find comparisons of Kitchen-Aid, DeLonghi, Bosch, or other workhorse stand mixers. I'm a home user, but take my desserts very seriously. I want quality.

E-pinions has reviews, but often times it's based only on 2-3 people, especially for the non-Kitchen-Aid brands.

I've used my sister and my mother's Kitchen-Aids and am really bothered by the fact that I can't fiddle with whatever's in that darn bowl. I know they say the beater scrapes the sides of the bowl, so you shouldn't have to get in there with a spatula, but when I've used other people's Kitchen-Aids, I have to stop the machine and scrape down to my satisfaction before considering the job done.

I'm very much into baking desserts (truly French ones that often take 2 or more days and a million special ingredients to complete), but also would like some extra capacity to mix double batches of cookies and the like. I've never used the dough hooks on my current dog, because I find the joy of making bread really is in the hand kneading of it. (I find it therapeutic.) Food Processor (with and without a chute) and blender attachments would be nice, but not necessary. I've got room to buy separte appliances.

So, before you gush over your Kitchen-Aids, tell me what else you've used and why the Kitchen-Aid is better.

(I'll be replacing my wedding gift starter of an Oster Food Center.)

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"I posted this over in Appliances, but they sent me over here."

Actually that's not correct. As I posted in your Appliance Forum thread:

"Although this is the correct Forum for your post, there are a number of threads regarding mixers in the Cookware Forum. You can use the Search facility for the term mixer in that Forum to locate them..."

Did you use Search in this Forum as I suggested?


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Bobbi, did you see my post in the Cooking forum about the Bosch mixer? I never had a KitchenAid but I have been leaning towards the Bosch since I saw it at the dealer last week. It has alot more power than the KitchenAid and even has special hooks for cookies. There are 2 hooks that supposedly get to the sides when doing cakes.

Do you have a link for the DeLonghi?

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TJ, sorry if I offended. Yes, I did do a search for mixer reviews and for Delonghi and didn't turn a whole lot up other than the LA Times review.

The Appliances thread seems to have generated several very helpful responses as well. You guys are great!

Marie, yes, I've attached the URL below. I guess my worst problem now is that I haven't found anyone in Houston who can show me one before I buy it yet. I may have to revisit the Bosch. It is just so unique from what we're used to in mixers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delonghi USA's Product Page

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Okay, got my 5-qt. Delonghi stand mixer today. Enjoying it so far, but I have a question about cleaning it. I was making bread dough, and after mixing the yeast and sugar and water and a cup of flour, I turned it up high to mix for 3 minutes, per recipe instructions, and it just splashed everywhere, even leaking out around the edges of the splash guard! Obviously I had to slow it down. But then when I lifted the head up, the liquid from the splash guard just poured down the back of the arm and into the bottom of the machine! I'm not talking cups of liquid here, of course, but even a few drips, over time, is going to add up to a stinky mess! Is there any way to clean down there?

I also found I had to keep the speed fairly slow to keep the machine from jumping around on the counter. I'm kind of disappointed, I thought people had said it didn't do this...

Appreciate any comments!

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