Show me your rack (KitchenAid DW model KUDE70 or 60)

eks6426November 9, 2009

I'm considering getting a KitchenAid DW model KUDE70FVPA

but there is no local store that carries it. I cannot seem to find pictures of the racking anyplace. I'd love to see some actual interior pictures.

These models have the cutlery tray on the top. I'm hoping I could just put my silverware in it and eliminate the silverware baskets in the bottom but there needs to be some prongs to make the area actually useful.

Pictures & info appreciated. Thank you.

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I'VE DONE THAT WITH MINE! I removed the silverware basket from day one. There's still a small corner caddy if need it. I put larger items in it. Removing the silverware basket opens up enough space for a larger frying pan or 9x13 pan (with room left over). I can't believe how much space this dw has. I found yet another tine (on the middle rack) that drops down for more customization. Putting your silverware on the top rack is a little slow at first as you learn what can go where but it doesn't take long to figure it out. The other day I placed a large splatter screen (it doesn't fit well in the bottom because I've dropped the middle rack due to my extra tall drinking glasses) on top of my silverware. I've had the smaller measuring cups up there too, so don't think of it as JUST for silverware and cutlery. I have the KUDE60 model. I needed black. The KUDE70 is ss and paneled AND 5 dB quieter! I think everything else is the same. If I could change one thing, it would be that the plate spacings on the bottom rack were a tiny bit closer together. I know a lot of people use larger stoneware plates but I use the thin Corelle plates. I could get more in there if the spacing as a bit tighter. Other than that, I'm extremely pleased with it :) Oh, also you can remove one or both of the cutlery racks. It's split in two. If you needed something really tall in the middle you can take out one of the racks and use the corner caddy for more silverware space if needed.

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MonicaKM--thanks so much for the info and the picture. You are using it just like I wanted to. Would you mind putting up a couple of pictures--1 of the bottom rack, and 1 of the middle rack so I can see those too?

I have a chance to get the KA at a significant discount which makes it hundreds less than Bosch or Miele so as long as the racks look good, I'll probably order site unseen.

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I have a clean load in there right now so you'll be able to somewhat get a feel for how it loads. Course everyone has their own way of doing it :)

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Thank you so much! Pictures are definitely worth a thousand words!

If you can stand it, I have a couple more questions. Where the silverware baskets would normally be on the lower part, are there tines there? Are there any tines that fold down on the lower part?

On the cutlery tray, can you fit things like ladles and spatulas?

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I like the little corner caddy on the right front of the lower rack!

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You're going to make me empty the dishwasher whether I want to now or not aren't you? (G)
Here is the bottom rack. I've outlined where the silverware basket would normally go. A 9x13 pan fits there with room behind it free (towards the back). The two back rows (side to side) fold down. I've marked the areas where you release the tines to fold down. And of course the corner caddy for larger utensils if you've filled the cutlery tray.

Pix of how you can remove one side (or both) of the 3rd rack if you need the extra height in the middle row.

Looking at the dw from the side. The tines I have marked in red, fold down for larger bowls. Same on the opposite side


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Cool. Thanks for the pictures. How do wine glasses do?

I know you've written a review but I just can't seem to find it. Can you link me?

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I just found two more racks that fold down. They're on the middle rack. Doubt I'd ever use them, but it might *just* what someone else wants :) If you'll look at the photo above that has all the red circles around the tines, look up. See the *wavy* rack? There's one on the other side too. They fold down to make another small rack. I took them out, but the dw also comes with clips (I think for wine glasses). eks6426, I don't have wine glasses so I can't answer that question :)

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What you can do is go to this page. It's the Whirlpool Digital Library. There are hundreds of pictures of Whirlpool products; the section I linked you to is about Kitchen Aid. On the left side, under "Categories", go to "Cleaning" -> "Dishwashers" -> "Built-In". There are 11 pages of dishwashers, all types of racks and different loading patterns. If you want to enlarge an image, click on " - Chose File Type - ", select any size you like (web, eMail, ...) and hit download.

BTW: these extra racks are shelves to hold cups and stemware in place - the stems go into the recessed sections when the shelves are folded down (see page 3, bottom row, second picture of the WP Library ;-) )

HTH, Alex

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