Did you come home with something new while swap shopping

terri_pacnwNovember 20, 2008

I did! I'm trying it out today for the first time and comparing it to what I normally use...I can't say specifically what it is..because a similar item is in the mail.....

Oh and the first time I went shopping, I found some large bamboo tongs...I love bamboo tongs..and my kids like them too..enough to see how far they can bend the wrong direction before breaking!!!!!!!

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I'll have to try bamboo tongs, I don't even think I have seen them.

I too came home with some things for me while swap shopping, inluding a job offer! We'll see what happens with the offer as she needs to unemploy someone first who she is not happy with. I hope it works though, because it would mean working in a gourmet ingredient, and kitchen store.

For me I bought some tart pans, cake pans, gourmet olive oil, spices etc. I tell my husband it's really for him as he benefits from the cooking and baking, lol.


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I knew I would and I did ............tell you what I got later.

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Well, of course! Let's see. While shopping for the glass/pottery item, I picked up a silicone pastry brush for me. When ordering the textile item, I ordered several more for the office people. While buying "my choice" item, I bought myself a darling new necklace!

Fun fun fun.

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Yeah I did too one of them says 'bite me'. I can't quote the other one since it's 'googleable' and will give it away.

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Not really, but I did buy my partner something I bought myself a few weeks ago!

It went out today, should not be delivered for a week tho!!

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Yeah, I went to a local shopforChristmasathon and bought myself something similar to what I sent my swap buddy.

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I wanted to buy 2 of everything. But I was a good girl...

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I really wanted to keep one of the things I bought for my swap partner!!! But I was a good girl and didn't. As for the other things, I already have items that are very similar, so I was less tempted. I could have spent so much money on myself as I wandered around the half dozen stores I visited, I think I deserve to go back and get something, don't you? :)

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I found this 8 year old balsamic vinegar, Fondo di Trebbiano for $64, and so I snatched it up, as I considered that price a bargain! It's normally around $100, which I consider high, but $64 seemed very reasonable. I use it very sparingly, but it's a good way for me to eat more fruit, as I love it drizzled on apples, strawberries, raspberries, etc. Otherwise, I don't find those fruits that interesting. I resisted every other temptation, but that one was simply irresistible!


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THANK you Lars for that trip down memory lane! 'She's so fine, there's no telling where the money went....'

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Are you kidding?? That's why I find these swaps so expensive and irresistible (to quote Robert).

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Nope-- I was good this time & didn't get a thing for myself-- but did get duplicates of the pottery item-- perfect Christmas presents for the DDs.

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Shelley, I would love to work in that environment..and often I've thought about asking the lady that owns our little kitchen shop if she'd like a break now and then..She's there every day all day. It's only closed on Mondays so she can process deliveries. But I think I'd never bring any money home..just more stuff!!!!!!!

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One for my swap partner - one for me. Though I could not buy a duplicate of the pottery item as it was one of a kind....;)

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Oh and I love my new item that comes from the same line I sent..I stopped by the kitchen store yesterday with hubby to "handfeel" the knives I'm looking at..They have a "gift" set coming that is exactly the pieces I'd use every day! I'm hoping hubby gets it for under the tree. :o) Although he was eyeing this gorgeous SS 4 slice toaster from Cuisinart. I wasn't sold on it because it was very long..the slot was 2 slices per opening, instead of 4 side by side like I have now. I don't know if it would fit in the cupboard the current one lives in..LOL

And I'll be buying more of that swap item line...I forgot to ask Eileen to order me one of what I sent..Gosh darn it..the boys will love them on Friday Nights...sooo..."shucks"..I have to pop back in the shop this week...LOL

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Terri, can't wait to see what you sent your swap partner,lol

You're right about bringing home more stuff instead of money, if working in a kitchen store. Probably what will end up happening if I get the job.

Lars I would love to taste that balsamic..sounds wonderful!


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While I was out shopping for the swap I bought some muffin tins on sale, two new electric kettles - one for the house and one for the office as those were both kaput. I also got takeout from an Indian joint I hadn't tried yet because I don't like the average Northern Indian fare around here (dry tandoori, greasy fried items, blah curries). Glad I did - the food was excellent - DH and I will be eating there soon.

You go treat yourself Lars - whoo-hoo!

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While Terri, I guess I don't have to wait and see what you got your partner, cause it's me!lol. Must have been killing you, not being able to say.


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lol...yeah always sitting on my fingers...

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lol, See I was so excited I typed "while" instead of "well".


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