WANTED: I'm so excited my parcel arrived and its a compressor!

chase_gwNovember 24, 2008

Or at least that's what the box said!

OMG you can't begin to imagine how thrilled I am with the wonderful parcel I received from Ann T! Words can't describe, hopefully pictures will do better, but even the pictures don't capture how special this package is.

First of all it arrived intact , man can this lady pack a parcel. I have enough packing material for the next three swaps!

Ann's theme for me was local artisans and man did I luck out! Ann sent one of those gorgeous Maple boards made by a local artisan , Lee Wolf. It is absolutely stunning and although my first instinct is to say I'll never use it as a cutting board, we'll see as this baby was meant to be used lovingly by someone that appreciates it and that someone is me!

The second item is a lovely gravy pitcher made by a local potter, David Handley. I love the size of it and the colour is perfect for either here or the cottage...debating on it's destination. For sure it will stay here for the holidays!

Last, but far from least, is a set of exquisite napkins hand painted by Pipi Tustian another local artisan. Clive will really love these because they are oversized and he is forever crabbing about small napkins! Not that he will ever be allowed to use them.

Ann, I can't thank you enough, a very generous and fabulous collection of items from the artisans of Vancouver Island , I shall treasure them all forever.

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Wow, Ann did a wonderful job! Chase, I don't know if I could bring myself to use the napkins or the cutting board either. That'd be a hard one. Enjoy your lovely swap gift!


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Oh. My. Buddha.

Drool, drool...

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That's just super Sharon. You knew it would be when you saw Ann's name on the package I bet. You had me going for a second trying to think of who would send you a compressor. Exceptional package Ann.

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You really should send the items to me and hold out for the compressor!!


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WOW, really a stunning package. Ann you sent a lovely, generous gift to a lovely, generous soul. Enjoy it all Sharon.

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WOAH BABY..that's some cool stuff!

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Sharon, you are so welcome. I'm glad that the pitcher arrived in one piece. I always worry about breakage. Thankfully Moe bought a compressor and the box it came in was perfect. Just the size I needed.

And that board is definitely meant to be used. Hopefully your Christmas turkey will fit on it.



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You DID luck out! Those are three exceptional pieces!

Well done. Enjoy your beautiful items.


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Well I would sure love a compressor if it looked like that!
Beautiful carving board... it would be hard to use it, but Chase you are so right in that it is meant to be used lovinlgy! I know you will think of Ann every time you use it.

Beautiful piece of pottery! Could also be used for milk or cream for coffee or tea, or syrup for pancakes.

Love the hand painted napkins, what a great idea!

Ann has such wonderful taste what's not to love about your "compressor",lol. Enjoy!


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The cutting board is beautiful - love the grain and natural edge....and the pottery is gorgeous! Hand painted napkins are really special - ooooo-Ann has great taste and Sharon's lucky to be the recipient! -maria

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A package from Ann is a package of pure joy! I now, I was very lucky last year. The cutting boards and pottery are wonderful and you had a great swap box here. Lucky gal!

Peppi...sorry now she sat this one out.

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Oh my! Chase, I'm just knowing we will see pictures of that beautiful cutting board in action.

I can see it now on WFD thread with a lovey piece of meat carved out, gravey in the pitcher and you,Clive and the children all wiping your mouths with the beautiful napkins because gravey is all over your chins.

Norman Rockwell moment for sure. LOL!

Ann, You did so good!

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What a perfect trio. The three together almost look like a still life. I have a feeling none will be still for long.

I especially love the pitcher.

Ann, you are very generous and Sharon you are very lucky!

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Beautiful, just beautiful!

Thos napkins are exquisite, I am not sure I could bring myself to use them, either! LOL

Love the pitcher, and am lusting after that board! I love those cutting boards! I am sure you will enjoy all these great gifts!

Good job, as usual, Ann!


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Everything is gorgeous and so special! I love supporting local artists, and I espeically love the carving board. I would definitely use it because it seems to practical, and it was meant to be functional art. The same with the napkins, although I would reserve those for specially occasions.

I'm a bit confused about the scale of the items because you said the napkins were oversized. How large is the cream pitcher? For some reason, it looks a bit like a water pitcher to me. I love the colors!


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Lars, The pitcher is a nice size. Probably would hold at least a quart/litre of gravy. I can't remember how tall it is, but I would say about 9 inches tall. The napkins were quite large.


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Ann, super package you put togther for Sharon. You always find some of the coolest stuff in your area. Hand painted napkins are new thing to me and those are very pretty. You know I love the board and the pitcher is great too.

Sharon, looks like your good to go with your next dinner party. Use the board! I know it's a hard thing to do as I was in your shoes a few years back when I first got mine. I use one side to carve and serve the other for show...Enjoy it all!!


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Ann-- you did it again-- perfect, beautiful & useful items & supporting local artisans.

Sharon-- you're right-- they could be just displayed & still be enjoyed-- but it would be a shame not to use them

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Ann sent you pretty much exactly what you sent Diane. Both packages are perfect!

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Jessy I know isn't that a hoot! I just about keeled over when I opened Ann's parcel and saw it was almost identical to what I sent Diane in terms of the items selected!

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That IS funny, it's nearly the twin to your package. I love the colors in your pitcher, what a great box altogether.

So good it got done in stereo, LOL.


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I LOVE the Lee Wolf cutting board. Every one whose pic has been posted here is awesome!! And this is really beautiful.

..and I love the colors in the pitcher. It reminds me of a small pitcher I got from my mom... from one of my grandmoms I think And the napkins are so pretty I'm not sure I could use them!!

Great Swap, Ann. Chase, I know you'll get some great use out of this!!

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