Induction users: How long to boil water?(Xpost with Kitchens)

ginny20September 11, 2011

I was so excited that I could boil water faster on my new KA induction cooktop. But in a 12 qt Tramontina TriPly clad pot, about 8 qts of water took 11 minutes to come to a full boil on boost. That doesn't seem much faster. Is it just small amounts that boil fast? What brand cooktop do you have, and how long does it take to boil a big pot of water?

And while I've got you, does your cooktop click repetitively and regularly at moderate to low temps, as the magnets cycle on and off? Mine does, and I'm told by KA that this is SOP. It also buzzes quite audibly, especially on boost. And it's definitely the cooktop, not the cookware. How noisy is your induction?


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As much as the power of the element, the construction of the pan has a lot to do with the speed. I always carry a small magnet in my coin purse to check the base of pans in stores. Many pans labeled for induction have a very strong attraction to the magnet but others, less so. The ones with the stronger magnetic attraction will heat faster. I would compare the magnetic attraction of the base of this pan with the base of other pans.

I fill large pots with hot water for tasks like boiling pasta and especially on the 3000 watt element, pans made by All-Clad, Schulte-Ufer, Silit & WMF are very fast.

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I was experimenting with a 1800 watt induction 'hot plate'. Cast iron (raw or enameled) is excellent for induction. I also got good results with my Fagor pressure cooker and my Kuhn Rikon pressure cooker, both of which the manufacturers state are designed for induction.

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Ginny, I got the same results as you did. In fact, when comparing my 15,000 BTU stove to induction, there's no speed difference in boiling large quantities of water.

I have an 1800 watt portable unit and I use it mostly for my pressure cooker, since I can have it off to the side and do other cooking on my stove top.

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