Mason says replacing the eroded brick will be very obvious

threeapplesOctober 9, 2012

One of our bricks has lost its face, eroded, or was damaged. Since we have soft brick I am worried about its stability. Should we replace that one?

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We had to replace multiple bricks as construction went on - exterior plugs moved, wires for cable lowered, sprinkler system moved to opposite side of house, etc. You couldn't tell. They just replaced about 30 bricks on our raised terrace after fixing a leak. You can't tell now (the first patch looked terrible but they brought in a skilled mason who was able to match the patio perfectly).

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Awesome. Wonder why the mason said the grout would never match. We also have all these areas where there is no mortar because the scaffolding went between the bricks. So, the mortar will have to be put in there as well.

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"One of our bricks..."

Steal another brick from a less conspicuous location.

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The mortar will match if they mix it the same. It will take a while to dry to the correct color (weeks) but it will. They just need to use the same type of mortar and sand. Our patio was down for months before they took part of the brick up to rewaterproof, and then it took several weeks before they put the brick back down. Once they did it right, the second time, you cannot tell - at all.

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