Ameriware cookware

masueSeptember 24, 2005

Anyone have experience with Ameriware pans - sold by Costco?

How have they held up?

What about their operation on electric smooth tops?

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We bought a set from Costco a few months ago. I have used them exclusively since then. I love them. They heat evenly, come clean very easily (even when you cook tomato soup made with milk until it's a brown crust on the bottom of the pan..).I'm still amazed that I can cook things, rinse with warm water and wipe clean with a paper towel. It did take me a little while to get used to putting the silicone handle covers on but now it's automatic. I also had to get used to the more tilted handles on the saute' pans. But, now I can toss the food to turn it over without spilling all over the stove. I have read some negative comments on the cookware but my experience with them has left me pretty impressed.

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I also saw the demo at Costco. I was sort of interested until I learned they cost $400! IMO they better last a really long (20 years) time to worth that kind of money. What I was shocked at is how many people just put the boxes in their cart after watching the demo. I could never make a $400 impulse purchase without a little research.

If you do a search on Ameriware you will see an old thread that discusses it.

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I just bought the Ameriware cookware and I've noticed that they take a really long long time to heat up. Anyone else have this problem? Thanks

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I love the pans, but the grips melt and burn. the heat rises from the side of the pan and has melted three of my grip handles. I can't seem to find a place to get replacements

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anyone have an email address for Ameriware?
my 12" lid does not seal on the 12" frypan
do you like a vent on the lids?

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