Windows 7 Pro + Bluetooth Cell Phone

not2brightNovember 14, 2012

I just got a replacement cell phone (an LG235C for my TracFone service) and it has a camera. I've never had or used a camera so this is new. I'd like to be able to take pics and upload them to my desktop.

I know that the phone has Bluetooth (which I also know next to nothing about) and found a web page about how to go about getting the phone 'paired' with the computer. I turned the Bluetooth on on the phone and I went to my computer's Control Panel > Hardware > Add a device and waited for it to detect the phone. I played with the searching (making the phone 'visible' for the search process) and some other things, but I can't seem to get the computer and phone to 'pair.' The computer still doesn't know the phone is there.

I realize I could get a cable for uploads (not sure what kind of cable to get) but I figure if I can get the wireless part of it to work, I'll try it first.

What am I missing here with the set-up with the phone and the desktop ?

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See if you may have missed anything at the link provided.


Here is a link that might be useful: LG235C

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Hi, Joe

Thanks for replying.

Nope. As far as I can tell I'm doing everything correctly with the phone itself. However, I do know that my computer does not have Bluetooth. But according to this video tutorial linked to on the "Add a device" screen, I didn't think I needed anything like that on the PC itself. Do I ?

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Do you have texting? On verizon I can input an email address in the to field for a picture text and that is how I send photos to my computer since I have a non Internet phone. I know other carriers have that option with texting so maybe trac phone does. I can also send from a computer to my phone as texting using a special address with my phone number. Mary

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you need a Bluetooth adapter for the pc
plugs into a usb port.

Here is a link that might be useful: NewEgg BlueTooth Adapter $10

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Hi, Mary

Yes, my phone has texting and apparently a browser as well. So, I guess I could email myself the pics if necessary. But I don't want to do too much of that and use up my minutes ! :-) At some point I would like to do more of an immediate/local transfer of the photos.

I did recently locate a cable to be used to upload from mobile devices, but from what little I've found out since then, I can't properly upload because of some 'card' that my phone doesn't have. My PC recognized the 'hardware' (my phone) enough to install drivers, but that was for the phone's modem, not the 'stuff' necessary for the PC to access the actual photo gallery/library. So, I guess I'm still stuck with the option of getting some Bluetooth adapter for my PC.

FWIW, Thursday I did submit my query to the HowardForums and have been getting some good input there. I'm sure this will be resolved very soon. :-)

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By card you probably mean a micro memory card. My phone has a slot for one and and I pop it into the adaptor that came with it then pop that into the card reader on the computer and get all my photos in the picture folder on the card.

I know I have heard that some phones require the memory card be in the phone to use the cable with it which makes no sense as then you can just use a card reader. Remember a discussion about this on the verizon boards but was probably about and LG phone. A program that some people have had luck with is bitpim to transfer stuff from phone but I know nothing about it so maybe someone can comment on that.

I have the micro card and unlimited texting so can do it either way and don't have to bother hooking phone to computer. See too much hassle with people spending hours trying to get it to work. I would go on the site for the maker of the phone and see if they even offer drivers to do this. Some phones are not made to download to computer that way. Maybe trac phone has some forums on their site with info. Mary

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Thanks for the additional input !

Mikie, sorry I didn't see your post when I posted my previous response to Mary. Thanks for the link ! I also found some at, but the one you link to is much less expensive and has better reviews. :-)

Mary, as you guessed, it does seem that my phone would need the card (a MicroSD card) for the cable to work properly.

So, it seems I have three choices: 1) a bluetooth adapter, 2) buy a card for the phone to go with the cable I now have, or 3) email the pics to myself. I'm not yet sure what the card would cost, but the Bluetooth adapter Mikie linked to is rather cheap. So, I might go that route (and return the cable). And I can play around with emailing photos in the meantime to see how it works and how many minutes I use up in the process.

Thank you both again for the comments ! :-)

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If your phone has a card slot the micro cards can be had for $10 or so and come with the adapter. Your manual should tell you up to what size card you can use. If your computer does not have card slots then a multi card reader can also be had cheap. That would be my preferred option and it's so easy to do.

It seems stupid they require the card for the cable to work with the computer when you can just bypass the cable and use the card directly into a card reader on the computer.

Here are some links to what I am talking about. The micro card is placed into the adapter that comes with and then inserted into the card slot on the computer.

This micro card reader I picked up at a chain called 5below stores for $5 but you can get a bigger multi card reader for other cards for $10 or a little more. The little micro reader the cap comes off the each end and one end you inser the micro card without the adapter and the other end plugs into the USB port and up pop your photos for saving.

Also your manual should tell you how to make the card the defualt for saving pictures so when you take a photo it won't be saved on the internal memory of the phone but rather the card. Initally when you get the card you pop it into the phone and the phone should format it with various folders to drag and drop photos and ringtones too from the computer if you want to get stuff onto the phone. That is how mine works as I make my own ringtones for my phone. I have an old LG ENV3 phone but I love it. Mary

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Thanks, Mary, for all that information... and the links ! :-)

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Just got home and read the manual online and it doesn't mention a memory card slot unless I missed that. Says it comes with a cable thought and LG has drivers on their site for that model so it should just work with the cable. I think it should see it as a drive when you plug it in if you have the drivers. If not then try the bitpim with it plugged in. Mary

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Hi, Mary

Thanks for your additional help !

I'm just now going through the .pdf manual myself. :-)

I did go to the LG site and went through the 'software update' process -- or tried to. I downloaded the drivers and support tool. I got to step 3 (connect your phone to pc) and the window showed "phone connected" and began step 4 (updating). But when the connection started doing a software update the update window said "no connection to phone" ??!!?? I tried 3 times with the same result (even after their suggested troubleshooting: remove/re-install battery, power up phone, re-attach cable, resume).

Btw, there was no cable with the phone I ordered. So, I got one at Walmart the other day to see if it would work.

Also, I checked the bitpim site and my phone is not yet supported. :-(

In any case, I may see if anyone on their own LG forums has dealt with this issue and has an easy fix.

It may turn out that I run into too many problems trying to get this phone paired with my computer via the cable, so I may need to order the adapter mikie linked to above. If so, I'll just return the cable to Walmart. For now, though, I'll keep trying.

Thanks again for your efforts !! :-)

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My experience with friends trying to hook their various cells up to computer to do this is they waste a lot of time and never seem to get it to work so they end up just sending them as text. Hopefully the bluetooth will work for you. My phone charger for the wall turns into a USB cable but I have never hooked it up and tried, should do that someday to see what happens. Mary

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The specs I found for this phone's camera, .3 megapixels, suggest that the photos taken won't be of much use. Rather low image quality can be expected. Sorry.

You'd do better taking pix with any cheap digital camera.

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Hi, snidely !

At this point I'm not really looking for great picture quality. Actually, I just needed a replacement phone and this one included a camera, so as long as it's there I thought I'd learn how to use it. Just for sending the occasional (imperfect) pic to friends/family. Nothing fancy. So far, the few I've taken (without even adjusting the settings any) and sent to myself via email have turned out not-so-bad. :-) But, yeah, if I need better quality pics, I'll certainly have to invest in a stand-alone digital camera.

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Most simple phones don't have great cameras but are fine just to snap a few. I have always had high end cameras. Have been a photo nut since I wad a child. I have been good all year hoping Santa will bring me a canon eos 60 with a few lenses since my simple digital of 10yrs is on it's last legs and I am ready for full size again. Mary

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The camera on my phone actually is better than my digital camera. My camera was one of the last made by Konica-Minolta before they stopped making cameras and has some very good features such as excellent zoom and macro settings, so I still use it. But its pictures cannot be enlarged a whole lot because it is only 3.2 megapixels, whereas my phone is 8.1. Also, I cannot use the newer high speed SD cards in it, but I was able to find a couple of the older ones, so I'm okay there. The user manual is so complete, and not something you'll find any more in print form with newer devices.

BTW, I have an old Canon SLR film camera with several different lenses. It took wonderful pictures, but so large and clunky, esp with the telephoto lense in place. Just wonder if I could sell it for $$.

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I am 49 and started with a pentax K1000 in high school. Then I had a minolta maxim in my 20's and after I got married got an upgraded maxim then I got my Olympus digital when digitals first came out and it's been a great camera but I want full size with lenses again only in digital. I used to shoot a lot in 35mm and slide and now all my film equipment is collecting dust. I wish I had gone full size from the start so I could have gotten a Minolta as I liked the cameras I had by them. Mary

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