Subzero 700TCI - vs. Side by Side Miele or Thermador Columns

TXBluebonnet11November 19, 2013

I have been looking for a refrigerator for months and I cannot seem to make a decision. I have a large family so I need a lot of space. I want a fully integrated unit that I can apply panels to, which will look like an armoire when installed. I was set on the Subzero 700TCI and even found a deal for a pair on eBay but then I read about the repair and reliability issues, and am back to square one. It seems like the bottom drawer refrigerator/freezer combos have reliability issues across the board. So I am now looking at side by side models by Miele and Thermador. Can anyone chime in on a recommendation? I want at least a 36 inch refrigerator, and I'd like the sizes of the units to be roughly the same for aesthetics, even though I don't need a 36" freezer. I would rather have more refrigerator space, but I want the unit to come out looking something like the photo below:

Traditional Kitchen by Louisville Kitchen & Bath Designers Kenneth Fromme

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I would be interested in the responses. I did not know of the repair issues on the bottom drawer freezers. I was looking at a 36" with one freezer drawer on the bottom. I also would rather have tons of refrigerator space and a small freezer (ideally with an ice maker).

I saw that Miele and Thermador are made in the same factory, but Miele assumes the responsibility for it's own electronics. I have not researched reliability of either of these options.

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Fori is not pleased

That looks like a really nice walk in closet, but why is there an oven in it? :P

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"but then I read about the repair and reliability issues, and am back to square one"

Don't know where you got that tidbit - but it's not a very accurate picture at all.

I don't doubt you've found a bad review or two about a 700 series, it's 15 years old now but has a great track record. EVERY BRAND has bad reviews, period. You'll never want to buy anything if you're searching for an appliance that has all good reviews. Bottom or drawer freezer models are no better or worse as a design in terms of reliability. FWIW , Miele and Thermador both make bottom freezer models with the same EXACT internals as their all fridge/freezer models !!!

Like I said in the other thread, the reason to not get a 700 series is it's 15 years old and sched. for replacement in a few minutes.

I have two of those units( one 1999 vintage) with nary an issue except light bulbs. Have also designed 500+ into kitchens over that time too, and can't recall but one or two that called for service. Burnt up motors because of dust/lint/ hair buildup on the coils - in other words - operator error.

You also need to be sure to buy your cabinet maker / designer / AND installer before you even contemplate one of those armoire units - especially at 2 x 36" fridges. You best have a sizable wall or a very long cabinetry run to accommodate a 84" wide armoire unit. Lots to go wrong that can derail the look.

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