Which pieces are must haves??

starlightfarmSeptember 21, 2005

I am getting a new pro-style gas rangetop in my new house (remodel of an old home). I would love to have some substantial cookware (just have some old Revereware that I got when I was married!).

What are your MUST-HAVES?? There are a million choices.... non-stick, cast-iron, LeCreuset(sp?) type, All-Clad, etc....

Please tell me what you cannot live without in your kitchen. Brand, style and what it is made of.


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Not a gourmet cook here, but I probably use my mother's 10-inch cast iron skillet the most -- goes from stovetop to oven. I also use it for baking cornbread. It's well-seasoned after all these years, but if you can't beg, borrow or buy an old one, you can buy a new one made by Lodge & season it yourself (and they're not at all expensive).

I also have an All-Clad 3 qt. sauce pan I like very much. Mine is the regular stainless that can be put into the dishwasher if desired (not all the AC lines are dishwasher safe). I, too, had the "wedding Revere Ware," plus my MIL gave me some of HER RW wedding pieces. I didn't know pans weren't supposed to wobble until I bought the All-Clad :-).... One hint -- I see All-Clad now offers "helper loops" opposite the handle so you can use two hands when lifting a pot. I don't have this style, but think it would be quite handy -- full pots are heavy!

Never owned any LeCreuset, but I've seen raves for it here (might try a search to see if any threads still exist)....

Also, in case you haven't seen it, check out this thread over in the Appliances Forum.....

Here is a link that might be useful: Appliances Forum Thread on High-Heat Cookware

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I will add 2 aluminum non-stick coated fry pans....a 7 inch ( or 6 inch...2 egg omelette size) and a larger one....10 inch is my choice.
And a Le Cruset Dutch oven....or 2 LOL!....a big stock pot....mine is a no name brand, stinless with a clad bottom.
I still have 2 pieces of my "wedding Revers" a one qt and a 2 qu sauce pan with lid.....I use them often for heating soup, cooking a quick veggie, heating kraut etc....
Those are my must haves...heave skillet that goes into the oven too, a small and a large non-stick skillet, Heavy Dutch oven for pot roasts, stews, chili and such, a couple of utilitarian sauce pans with lids and a good stock pot.

You might add a lightweight pot for boiling pasta, and corn, and a 6 quart non reactive stock pot ( straight sided, taller than wide) for boiling potatoes for salad or small batches of soup or pasta for 2 or 3 etc....and perhaps a heavy Le Cruset 1 qt sauce pan with a lid for sauces and custards, melting chocolate and such...I also use mine for rice. You will want a carbon steel or cast iron wok.....
I could go on!
Linda C

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Thanks so much for the information. This is exactly what I was looking for!

twocats.... thanks for the link. I will check it out and see what they have to say!

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My Le Creuset 5.5 quart round Dutch oven; my small Le Creuset skillet; my 8" wood handled French Chef knife; a paring knife; a serrated bread knife; a wooden spoon or so; my cast iron skillet; a flexible spatula and almost any medium-sized pan to boil water in.

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