master bathroom and Kitchen cost

jean61October 31, 2011

Can anyone give me the average cost of a custom kitchen that's around 15 x17 in size with island in center.

And an average cost of their master bathrooms. This seems to be the area that builders do not give the correct quote on.

this is the look i am trying to get:

traditional kitchen design by boston kitchen and bath Venegas and Company

traditional kitchen design by phoenix kitchen and bath Affinity Kitchens

traditional bathroom design

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For a kitchen, it really depends on what you want to spend. The two you showed had roughly 25-30 grand in appliances alone. Sub-zero/Wolf/Viking doesn't come cheap. I think a 48 inch subzero fridge alone is 9 or 10 grand.

Add custom cabinets, labor, high-end fixtures and counters, and you will be at 75K or more very quickly.

Bathrooms are the same way. It depends on the level of the fixtures and materials - and how big it is. Bigger bathrooms have more tile, more labor, and more everything.

It will be very hard for a builder to give you a reasonable quote without knowing what you're installing. Are you buying plumbing fixtures made in China from Home Depot, or are you buying Lefroy and Brooks? The plumbing fixtures for a shower with multiple jets like the one you showed could easily set you back 5k. Add marble tiles, a free standing tub, shower glass, vanities, medicine cabinets and labor, and 25 grand will come before you know it.

For a high end kitchens and baths like the ones in your photos, I think those would be good starting points.

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100-125K for the combo.

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I would guess 75-100k for the kitchen, depending on finishes and appliances. The bath depends. That is stone tile but looks like tumbled travertine which is not ultra expensive, as opposed to, say, a slab marble surround. That is a couple of thousand dollars in frameless glass surround though, and several thousand in shower sprays, probably. A good sized air tub is several thousand dollars, and stone slab surround and countertops will add to that significantly.

I would say you are at least 20k in the master bath, and perhaps much more.

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OMG are you guys kidding me?? No we will NOT be using top of the line appliances in the kitchen. We are more along the lines of Kitchen Aide or GE Monogram. The pictures are for the type of cabinets more than what appliances were within the picture. (But thanks for Heads up on high end appliances)

The bathroom will be either Travertine or Porcelain. But we will have decorative trim and change in design to help create high end.

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We spent about $35K on materials for the kitchen below. We DIY'd everything but the granite. Materials are mid-range: Kraftmaid semi-custom all-plywood cabinets, GE/Frigidaire appliances, porcelain tile (we do have heated floors).

And we spent about $20K in materials on this master bath, again DIY-ing everything but the granite ($2K) and shower doors ($3K)

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It's a place builder like to really snow you. They use "custom" cabinet makers of extreme questionable quality who make and finish your cabinets on site as one large box rather than creating them individually and finishing them offsite with high quality finishes in a clean room. They buy container loads of granite blanks from China and have Bubba cut them into pieces with a circular saw so you have a gazillion seams the size of the Mississippi. They don't include any molding, or use plain 30" cabinets staggered up and down without using custom depth ones.... The list could go on and on of the crappy shortcuts that builders will take to give you a superficial resemblance to your inspiration pics without at all giving you anything of actual substance.

Now, there are some cost cutting measures that you can take and get a similar look, but you have to know the difference between a budget choice and a cheap choice that's going to end up costing you in the end. There's probably 50K worth of chandeliers in that kitchen, but if you bargain hunt, you can find something with some sparkle for less than 5K.Use porcelain instead of travertine in the bath (ugh!), both for it's much easier upkeep and it's less costliness. Choose a plain stainless 1K chimney hood instead of a 5K cabinetry mantle hood. Limit the glass cabinetry to just a few special ones rather than using it everywhere, and source the glass locally instead of from the cabinet company. That can save you thousands right there. Skip the cabinet glazing and as many decorative corbels and turned legs as you can without compromising the look. Another 2K saved. Put together a 10K appliance package with no integrated choices or pro rangetops. Choose a plain fridge and DW that show, and pick a good quality range with no wall ovens. Choose a $200 faucet and $500 undermount sink instead of a 2K solid brass faucet and 2K fireclay farm sink that costs you another 1K in cabinetry and labor to install.

Even with mid range choices, without some bargain hunting or DIY involvement, you're looking at around 60-75K for the kitchen and master bath, with those pics as your inspiration. Kitchens and baths are the most expensive square footage in any build.

By far the best "bargain" that you will come across is the Kitchen Forum here. It's free and full of ideas to help you achieve your kitchen. And the second biggest bargain will be a Kitchen Designer who gets the style you want and can explain the tradeoffs between your budget and the style you want. You can get a wood floor white cabinet stainless appliance look at a lot of price points if you know the right choices to make.

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weedyacres your kitchen and bath are gorgeous!

Jean61 you got some good info from Green Designs above, including the tip about using the kitchen forum. A few of the things I noticed in your inspiration pictures that will drive up the price are the appliances and lighting (as noted by others), paneled appliances, lots of molding, glazing on the cabinets (usually an upcharge), fancy edges on the counters (add more per linear foot), backsplashes, fixtures.

As with the light fixtures, you can look around for less expensive tile and faucets to try to get the same kind of look. You can spend $$$ on Ann Sacks tile, or for example get a $1200 Kohler Karbon faucet... or find something nice (not cheap, but good quality for less) that makes you happy. Also, exotic granites will be more costly than the more common granites, but more common stones can be lovely too.

I've seen many posts from people who find great lighting deals on Maybe that will work for you too.

Good luck!

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