My Robot Coupe Broke!

lisazone6_maSeptember 15, 2009

I just went thru all the searches I could on food processors. While a lot of people seem to like the Cuisinart, I didn't like what I saw. Granted, I was only going by the few models they had right there in the dept store - I'm sure I can find more online.

The main thing I don't like is this - my Robot Coupe had big, heavy blades. I got mine as a shower gift 24 years ago. Those blades are as sharp now as they were then! The blades on the Cuisinart (and just about every other make and model I looked at) were like little cartoon blades - about half the size and half the thickness of mine. I could practically bend the blade with my fingers, which I couldn't begin to do in my wildest dreams with my Robot Coupe.

I use mine for mincing and chopping mostly, also mixing dips, pureeing soups, etc. I have slicing attachments, but I really don't use them all that often. I like mixing my bread dough by hand - I don't do that much of it that I need a machine, and I have a Kitchenaid stand mixer for that anyway. The most I do is use it to cut in the butter when I'm making scones or pie crust or something like that.

I'm crushed that my Robot Coupe is broken and I already tried to get parts - they don't make them anymore. I'd have to try and find something in France and that's not happening!

I'm liking the Kitchenaid the best sofar - I forget which cup capacity it was altho if I'm remembering right, the price was around $300. But I tend to be swayed by looks and I want to make sure it's not just the shiny red color that matches my mixer that's making me lean towards this one!!

What processor would you get and what are the blades like? I want a nice, heavy blade!

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me!


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I would buy a cuisinart... one of the 7 cup models...or larger if your family is large.
I sure don't find the blades flimsy.....but maybe you are a lot stronger than I am.
And, remember nothing is made like it was 24 years ago....nothing!
Linda C

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I have a Magimix (made by Robot Coupe) and I love it. It's very smooth, easy to use, and well made. However, it's very expensive. Cook's Illustrated (I believe) gave highest ratings to the newest series of Cuisinarts--the ones that have a die cast version. Less expensive than the Magimix and seems to be a bit of a copy of the Magimix features. Have you tried Culinary Parts for RC parts?

Here is a link that might be useful: Here's a link to one review source

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I have the Cuisinart DLC XP which is the largest Cuisinart made: 20 cups, and heavy duty. The shaft is steel. You can find them new from dealers on ebay, as well as the entire set of blades, which are approximately 8 inches in diameter. I hear the Magimix is very nice and and Chefs catalog has a package deal on the 5150, less expensive than the DLC XP. I cannot speak for the former but the latter has never disappointed and is rated commercial by Cuisinart. If you're happy and accustomed to the RC, you may not have the same feelings with another machine. RC does have a web site and maybe you can send it in for repair. Also, they show up on ebay, some new, some used. The DLC is made in Japan; Magimix France, and the remainder are made in China, if it makes any difference. Once in awhile, ebay has an older KA new in the box that was made in France (rumor is by RC). Good luck.

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Just an FYI: The 5150 has a narrow feed tube. I bought the 4200 XL because of the wide feed tube. Certain, but not all, parts are interchangeable with the 5150. I also have a Cuisinart 20-cup and the action is not as smooth as that of the Magimix.

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Have you checked on E-bay? They may have what you want.

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