Prevent 'pocket dialing' of LG Cosmos

mudlady_gwNovember 28, 2011

I carry my LG Cosmos Touch in my purse and it frequently gets squeezed and makes unwanted calls. I need a hard case that covers the faceplate. Any suggestions?


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If it's making unwanted calls, it has to do with the buttons getting pressed. Most protective cases will leave the buttons exposed. What you will probably find best is a protective case that you can slip the whole phone into. Amazon has plenty of very inexpensive cases (and reviews of the cases) for your phone. Here is a link to this kind of case:

If you want to look at hard cases (that may or may not protect the buttons), here is the link:

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Thanks, Kudzu9!!!! I ordered one I liked tonight.

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You're welcome...hope it solves your problem.

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