All-Clad Copper Core VS. Caphalon Tri-ply

cali_chik_22September 9, 2007

My husband is an aspiring chef, now i want to buy him a good set of pots and pans, but am not sure whats better. i have been looking at the above mentioned brands but cant make up my mind. he loves cooking anything and everything and right now we have just cheap pots and pans that we got just to be able to cook. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!!

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I'd get the Calphalon hard anodized rather than stainless. It's very "manly" looking. It doesn't have those silly glass covers, which fog up immediately, and so are worthless. You can put the hard anodized right into the oven from the stove top, and despite what they say, I put mine into the DW and they look fine, 3+ years later.

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I've talked about this a lot in other threads, so I'll just make a brief mention here. Demeyere Atlantis is a significant step up in quality from All Clad. I have several pieces of Atlantis, and really love them! They have very even heat, and clean up very easily (and they even recommend washing them in the dishwasher!).

I've attached a link to the Atlantis page at 125 West, which is the least expensive place I know of to get it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Demeyere Atlantis at 125 West

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Here's a link to 125 West's description page for Atlantis. IMPORTANT NOTE: They have the WRONG PICTURE on this page! The page I linked to in my last post has the right picture. But, this page has more details about the construction of Atlantis cookware.

Here is a link that might be useful: Description page

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If you are looking for more of a stainless look, the All-Clad Copper-Core is nice. It has an exterior stripe of copper at the bottom plus layers of aluminum and copper within the pan which conduct heat well. I think overall, the quality of All-Clad Copper-Core is better than Calphalon, if you're looking for something with a stainless exterior.

Here is a link that might be useful: All-Clad Copper-Core at MetroKitchen

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Nothing better than copper or copper core cookware. Nothing does a better job of conducting heat than copper. Worth noting, Calphalon Stainless cookware comes from Asia. Only their Hard Anodized One lines come from OH. All Clad copper core is made in the US. Performance wise, copper core is in line with Mauviel, Demeyre, and Bourgeat.

If you decide you need stainless, Calphalon One nonstick, not the Infused!!!

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