Baking/Sheet Pans

mom2lotsokidsSeptember 29, 2005

Any recommendations for these? I have to replace mine every 4-8 months now and it's getting really old.

I don't use metal utensils on them and I never cut up anything while on the pan. i.e. pizza, it's slide out of the pan onto the cutting board and then cut. Same goes for everything else. Yet the nonstick chips off after a few short months. And nope, no dishwasher - I am the dishwasher and only wash with a soft cloth, nothing abrasive.

Any recommendations for a good set?

Thank you.

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Check out Chicago Metallic. They make a great product.

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I use heavy commercial type aluminum half sheet pans with Pam spray, or parchment paper. Works great and they are pretty much indestructable. I've had them for ten years.
My wife gave me Exopat sheets to fit, for Christmas. These are flexible silicone liner sheets (She uses them more than I do. Great for cookies!)
Half sheet size will fit in most ovens and dishwashers. Full sheet size won't.
I bought mine in a kitchen store, but ebay usually has them also.

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For sure go to a resturant supply store and buy the half sheet pans. They are usually high quality and just about impossible to wreck. Especially with the silicone Sil Pat type pads. Cheaper too.

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Parrish is a good quality also. I have some round cake pans, 9x13 pan, jellyroll pan, 8" square pan, and pie tin. We sold this brand when I worked in a retail gourmet store about ten years ago.

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I'm looking for baking tins to bake date and nut rolls.Anyone have any idea where I could get them.

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I'm having the most successful cookie baking season ever with this graniteware pan and parchment paper. Most even browning I've ever experienced. Cleans like a dream, too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Graniteware baking pan

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