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wizardnmNovember 27, 2008

My swap box was waiting for me when I got home last night from visiting my DM downstate.

James, it's perfect!!!!

I opened the Frankoma jug first, it is beautiful and I will be putting to actual use, holding the maple syrup that I love. I have some antique mixing bowls that I use all the time that are the very same color. I use all my stuff, never 'just on display' here. It will always be very special to me. Thank You!

Next I opened the box with the wine glasses. Almost bought some very similar....glad I didn't. These are much nicer. I'll be posting our Thanksgiving dinner pic today and they will be in it as we always enjoy a glass of wine... Thank You!!

Third item..... James, I'm not sure why you were worried about the cookbook selection. It looks great! I love cookbooks, read them like a novel and this one will keep me reading for a very long time. I've already spotted some things I will be making. I opened the book up to the chapter on poultry and have already decided to make Ginger Chicken, Peanut Chicken, Lemon Chicken and Chicken Potato Patties..... I love the fact that this book focuses on many countries around the world. I really like the way the book is organized. I'll be using it a lot. Thank You!!!

Here's my picture:

Nancy....back to cooking Thanksgiving dinner.

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Oh Boy, I would say that it definitely is the perfect swap box. I can just imagine what that little jug feels like. It will be perfect for maple syrup Nancy. And the stemless wine glasses are very nice too. I hope you will share some of Mark Bittman's recipes with us. As usual well done James.


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Oh yeah, maple syrup--that's perfect Ann. Nancy, I know you will put those recipes to work ASAP.

Good job James.

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Nancy, I'm glad you like everything. This swap gave me fits. I kind of punted with the wine glasses. I had in mind the whole time a big platter but I couldn't find one that I liked and wasn't sure where to find what I wanted. It was fun though and I hope you guys enjoy the stuff.

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Very nice!! James you have excellant taste! Riedel wine glasses are a very nice wine glass, and the stemless ones are very nice. Nice pottery jug, and so perfect for syrup.
I have one of Mark Bittman's cookbooks and it is very good!
Wonderful swap package, you're going to get lots of enjoyment from it Nancy.


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Nancy lucky you! I treasure the piece of Frankoma James sent me in a long ago swap, very collectible. I've heard so much about Mark Bittman but never tried ( knowingly) any of his recipes. Also have a set of the Riedel stemless and I just love them. Something special about holding them.

Great job ...as usual....James!

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Wow..looks like pottery jugs are the in thing amoungst the CF! I've never seen any in person...They are really nifty!
And maple syrup is just perfect for that one!
Yeah I wanna hear more on those recipes Nancy!

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Very nice Nancy - Nice jug, love Bitman - his recipes are great and home cook friendly. Let's get some wine in those glasses ;) James has great taste! Hope you're having a great THanksgiving! -maria

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Jim, you sure know how to pack a great swap box!

I love that syrup jug and the cookbook sounds very interesting.

I have been meaning to get a set of stemless wine glasses, now I am inspired to actually go out and do it!


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Oh nice ! Beautiful little pitcher-- love the color.

Bittman's recipes are so easy & yet somehow end up spectacular-- you'll love them-- great choice Jim.

And I've heard so much about Riedel glassware-- they sure look elegant .

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Love the pitcher! The color is beautiful.

I can vouch for the stemless wine glasses. They are a favorite of mine.

Beautiful package Jim! Enjoy Nancy!

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Nice Job, Jim!

I have a passion for glassware, and those Reidel are really great... I may need to put stemless Reidel on my Christmas list....

Love the pitcher, It's a great color... and to have it match stuff Nancy already has! and like Nancy, I read cookbooks like novels, so they can never go wrong...

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James does it again! Great package you have there Nancy!! Love the pitcher! Frankhoma is made here in OK and I have a couple of the older ones like this. Bittman was new to me until the forum and I love his version of steak diane....think MQ shared that a few years back. I'm challenged with stemware after a few and need to get some of those Riedel glasses...LOL! I know you and Kim will enjoy these things for many years.


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Nancy, that's a great package James sent you.

That pitcher will be perfect for maple syrup, I think you use it as much as I do, so that little pitcher will get a lot of use, I think.

The wine glasses will be perfect for you and Kim, I know you enjoy wine regularly with meals so nice wine glasses will be very useful too.

Yes, I can see you now, curled up with a glass of wine and your new cookbook, in the first real snowstorm of the year.

Great choices for Nancy, James.


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Yes, Jim gets the fits - fits of inspiration! Very nice Jim.

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Love the shape of the pitcher - does it have a stopper? I would put honey in it instead of syrup, however, but whatever you use most would be appropriate. It looks small enough to use as a cream pitcher also. Anyway, I love special serving items like that.

I've never seen stemless wine glasses. Like David, I need to replace a few myself!

I watch Mark Bittman fairly often, and while I don't like his personality, his recipes do sound good - generally fairly quick and fairly easy while also including interesting combinations of ingredients. I think I would like his cookbook much more than his show!! He spends a lot of time in Spain, and I love Spanish food.


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I think that cookbook is perfect for you. I love the international theme. Here is a thread of chowhound folks talking about some of the recipes. Lemme know if you can't find some of the ingredients locally, I'll swap you for some canned goodies! #@&$@^!! James you are such an enabler my library has that book.

I have been looking at Reidel for a long time and fondling them in the stores. I love the fact that they aren't tippy like stemmed wine glasses...I swear I should buy stock in 'Wine Away' stain remover. LOL.

Yeah I agree Terri, nice jugs here on the forum.....

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