Looking for a waffle iron with certain qualifications...

sunnycoSeptember 12, 2007

Someone I know told me that she has been looking for a waffle iron, but that she has not been able to find one that suits her purposes.

She does not want a belgian waffle iron. She wants one with the small squares. She wants one of the kind like I grew up with that is large, and makes 4 waffles at once. She has found some like that BUT she also wants a good one, that comes apart for cleaning.

I thought maybe someone on here would know of one. I told her to watch yard sales, but she does not like to buy used stuff.

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Tell her she won't find one like that new. I have one that just fills that description and it's a gE about 20 yeass old.
Linda c

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Strange. Why in the world is that?

There are probably three generations of "kids" looking for waffle irons like their mom/grandma had. :p

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Black and Decker makes one. I had one like this for years, probably made by Sunbeam or some such company, it was great. I use the Villa Ware waffle iron now (a gift from my son who broke my old Sunbeam!), but I do like the Black and Decker, too

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I had a Belgian waffle maker that lasted us about 7 years and then died. I moaned to my mother, who'd had one of the variety your friend wants. She promptly went into her hutch and pulled out her old one, and GAVE it to me....complete with the instruction booklet! It was so old that the address for Sunbeam did not even include a zipcode...it gave an old zone address (something like Oakland 18, CA, though that wasn't it).

Your friend may not like used stuff, but the older appliances like that had a tendency to last a lot longer than some of today's stuff. About 2 years ago, we found that mice had chewed on our old toaster cord in the travel trailer. It was a CLOTH cord. We took it to an appliance guy. It cost us about $20 to change out the cord for a new one, but that toaster made far better toast than any toaster we've ever had. It still does. My parents had given us that one, too ... it had been my late grandparents' toaster.


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