Pinzon Stainless Steel Cookware (Amazon) - Opinions?

robin_dSeptember 26, 2007

After reading a favorable recommendation of the Pinzon 3.5-qt saucepan (Cook's Illustrated rated it a Best Buy, second only to All-Clad) I decided to give it a try - it's on order, along with the 10 qt stockpot.

Here's what CI had to say about the 3.5qt. saucepan:



Pinzon 3.5-Quart Stainless Steel Sauce Pan

Price: $19.99 at (actually $9.45 right now!)

Weight: 2.6 lb.

Materials: Stainless steel with aluminum disk in base

Sauté Speed: Slow

Comments: With its "sleek" lines and "nimble" performance, a few testers likened this pan to a sports car. The comfortable "squared" handle and internal measurement markings were big hits. Even though this pan is relatively light, a thicker-than-usual bottom ensured slow saute speed.


At under 10 bucks, I'll probably order a few more. :-)

I'm eyeballing the 10-piece set as a possible Christmas gift for my stepdaughter's young family, as she's limping along on the worst of my old crappy hand-me-downs, and if these are even half-decent they would make a good start for her without busting our budget - the set is only $59.99 with free shipping! This set has gotten terrific reviews at Amazon. Anyone here have this set, or other Pinzon cookware?

Thanks for reading all the way through, lol!

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I received my Pinzon pans today, they are beautiful and tough looking especially considering how cheap they were.

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They are just amazing for that price. I was very impressed. Not only are they gorgeous looking cookware, they are made very well. They look like a $150+ set, and nicer than the Cuisinart Chef's Classic. They are a good weight and feel solid. They are sold out now, as they were down as low as $49.99 which is what I paid. The 3.5 qt. pan is great too. That was down to $8.63 at one time. My only criticism is that the covers, although built well, are a bit light and might dent easily. They need to add a 12" all purpose pan with domed lid to the line.

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