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EATREALFOODNovember 21, 2011

Please post your experiences with NYC area(Queens/Bklyn/Manhattan appliance dealers. Many dealers are really helpful up until they receive the payment...recommendations please.

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I've never shopped in your area, but a lot of people order online from A J Madison and seem to be happy with them. They are located in Brooklyn and it looks like they have a huge showroom. They have good prices and if I can't get local dealers to match their prices, I will probably order through them.

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Thank you Joanieponie
I know about them and have read mixed reviews(that's common all over I guess). I was hoping to find a (small, family owned? is that naive ?)dealer that has knowledgeable, helpful sales staff. Which basically means I'm in territory that is unfamiliar to me so I'd like good customer service before and after I buy the appliances. I'm replacing appliances as needed so I don't have the clout I would if I was buying 3 or 4 at a time. I have read posts here about "scratch & dent, floor samples not functioning and the dealer makes all the difference if there's a problem. I'm leery of that route however. I think I will make a list of models based on users experience and just ask a lot of questions at the store. My friend had a good experience w/ a Manhattan store, when I went there customers came in (and I heard the phone calls) complaining that their appliances were not delivered and the granite was about to be installed. It's a roulette wheel when shopping for appliances...

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Like you, I wanted to support local dealers and service-wise was disappointed. We went back to the small, family-owned business we bought all our appliances from 15 years ago. GE is their flagship brand but the owner did not even know that some range models have offset burners which some GW'ers have complained about and he said people on the internet don't know what they are talking about. Same response when I told him people had complained about the side vent on KA dishwashers warping their cabinets. He shut up when I told him that these were people who own these appliances and use them everyday and what incentive would they have to lie about their experiences. The sales lady at another small place tried to tell us that the vent on the KA dishwasher was closed but they had to put it on there because of Energy Star regulations. So I dont have any more faith In small businesses than I do the big chains. I expected more knowledgeable people and better service, but it just wasn't there, sad to say....

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Following this thread with interest, as I am in the NYC area. Hard to find a positive City Search or Yelp review of appliance dealers, isn't it!

Gringers on 1st Avenue and 1st Street has a LOT on display in a small space, so if you just want to wander and fondle appliances in person, it's worth a trip there. The one salesperson who approached me seemed competent, though it took a good 10 minutes before he did approach. Based on the horrific reviews I wouldn't purchase from them, but it's worth the subway ride to look around the showroom.

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I ordered all my appliances from Town Appliance in Lakewood, NJ. I had done most of my research, and knew what I wanted, before calling them to order. The salesperson I worked with had answers to all my questions, and my appliances were delivered the next day. Prices were very competitive, and best of all, since they are located in NJ, they do not collect sales tax on NY orders.
I've only had my stuff for about a month, so not sure if they will be helpful if/when I have problems down the road.

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thanks all. Maybe someone will post a few others..
joanieponie: they told you vent was closed ? why would it be there...I have a migraine reading this.
zeebee: I read bad reviews about Gringers too but probably a good place to look. VERY hard to find a good place, you are right. We are fortunate though b/c at least we can see most of the appliances. Many other people must buy sight unseen. There's a place in bklyn, EBA I think which I will check out..

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I've done 2 renos with Krups K&B, on W 18th St. It's tiny with little displays but I shopped elsewhere then went down in person and ordered from them. Best prices I found but they won't quote over the phone -- you need to go in person. They stand behind things as well.

Elgot's on Lexington & 68th is also very reliable. Prices are UES but they have all top brands on display and very knowledgeable sales staff. I shopped there but bought from Krups for $2K less.

Personally would not do business with Gringer's. Prices aren't anything great and who needs sneery.

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Have only used Gringers and Krups. Both were equal in terms of service (in-store and installation) and price - though Krups had more appliance/industry insight to offer. Have only used AJ Mad and PC Richards for research. They came across as used-car at best and borderline incompetent regarding details in comparison.

After purchase wasn't important to me personally. The best plumbers, electricians, etc. in NYC don't work at (or are recommended by) any of those places, so I never contacted them about a FP, Miele, Thermadore or Bosch.

When I buy appliances it's just business, which I'm really comfortable with, so I can't comment on attitude/personality. Just knowledge and facts. :)

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Can't help you with NYC dealers, but just have to add that it always amazes me when I am looking for appliances, and cars for that matter, that I know more than the salespeople about the models they are selling. I walk in, they see a 71 yr old woman, and you can see the glint in their eyes that they will be able to sell me anything they can't pawn off on anyone else. Ha! It takes about 5 minutes and they know they have more than met their match and dealing with a very knowledgeable customer was not that enjoyable. Isn't the internet wonderful to do your research before even confronting a salesman??

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GOOD FOR YOU ! I know exactly what you are talking about, age & gender are always an issue in any patriarch society.
Too bad you are not near NYC as you would be a big help to me :)
I just ordered from Plessers, Babylon, NY, w/a how it goes...They had the best price after searching all over the internet. The reason I chose them was if the item was in stock I was going to beg my brother to deliver it from Islip, but it's not in stock. After I read that it weighs almost 200lbs, I went with the inside delivery option($49.99) as opposed to pick up or curbside.

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I am in NJ and ordered from Hampton Appliance in Garden City, NY. My parents friend is an interior decorator and mentioned they had the best pricing. I had shopped at a bunch of places including AJ. I havent had delivery so can't comment on that part but discovered that pricing and things I was being told at AJ weren't as so. Like not mfg extended warranty but a 3rd party one etc. Hampton was very knowledgable and helpfull.

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Talking about the extended warranty being issued by 3rd party.. From what I have read on this forum that could end up being a big hassle. Is this normal or do some mfg's issue their own extended warranties ? I try to avoid anything that has a lot of 1)this is covered but of course 2) that is not covered unless you meet the conditions of "ABC" AND "D", If you meet these conditions then we'll cover it, good luck. The eternal question is are extended warranties worth the money ?
The AJ pricing is not accurate, how so ? Might help others to know this.
thank you

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eatreal - I don't have any personal experience with Plessers, but I live on LI and have heard many people recommend them. I've also seen them mentioned on this forum before, nothing negative that I can recall. So FWIW I think you made a safe choice. Good luck!

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Thank you foodonastump for a vote of confidence.
Now I know why I don't have a car as buying appliances can be a similar experience...
The thing that's confusing is different dealers have different delivery charges for bringing the appliance upstairs in the fine print(some charge $25 per floor, but is that really per floor or per landing, it makes a difference). I didn't know standard delivery is only for curbside until I read fine print on each website.

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Hi just wanted to update you NYC dwellers on my experience with Plessers in LI.
I ordered an undercounter refridgerator and a DW on 11/29. I cancelled the delivery once because I wasn't ready to receive and rescheduled for Dec 27. On Dec.23 I had to leave the country (2 months)because of a death in the family. When I returned I rescheduled for Mar 1. Plessers delivery called the night before the delivery to tell me a time frame of 6-7am(never had anyone do that before, usually it's "sometime between 8-5")and called that morning to tell me a more exact time 7:15am. They were on time !
I paid for gold delivery since I'm in a walkup(2nd fl)and curbside wouldn't work. I found all of the customer service staff(Patrick, Anthony, Jessica) helpful and pleasant to deal with. Also they provide their own 10year part warranty. I'm not sure how it works with other dealers but I was very happy that I was not penalized for delaying my delivery.

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I bought my appliances from Hampton Appliance in queens. They are also under another name as well and can't remember off hand. They held my appliances for months. I took delivery at the end of Dec. I noticed an issue with my Culinarian rangetop. There was a dent. They had nonissue replacing it since I still had the original packaging and it was still secured to the pallet it came on. Ask for vincent. Was great to work with.

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We're on Long Island and purchased from Plesser's for our recent (October 2010) kitchen remodel,
You're right.
They are great to deal with.
We purchased on Memorial Day and they held our order until mid-September.
Great prices too.

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Consider J&R in Brooklyn at 107 Seventh Avenue, 718-638-3040. (The place has no affiliation with the big J&R electronics store in financial district in Manhattan.) Over the years, I've been happy buying smaller appliances, like air conditioners and microwave ovens, from this Mom & Pop local shop, and I regularly see them loading big appliances like refrigerators, washer/dryers, etc. from their store to delivery vans. Once when I was in there about A/Cs, I did ask about big appliance pricing and they said they can almost always match prices.

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If it's not too far for you, you could check out Marlin Appliance in Seaford, Nassau County, NY. Family owned, always very helpful and always less than AJM. They have a web site.

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I just re-read through the thread and realize I had posted twice above. As far as AJ I was quoted a very low price for the warranty. Turns out it would have been 3rd party when it was positioned as the factory one. I was given an unrealistic price for my Fisher Paykel Cool Drawer. Didn't add up. Also, the "Free delivery" is not an inside delivery. Its to the front door. Its an xtra fee to bring in and unbox.

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In Westchester, we had a positive experience with Village Appliances in Port Chester. Their prices were very competitive and the service was good. We had one issue with a dented hood and it was replaced promptly. It was the one place we went to where they were actually helpful during the selection process.

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todds Re: extended warranty
Can you explain what 3rd party means? Who assigns this 3rd party ? thanks

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There are extended warranties offered by the manufacturer for their respective appliance. For example, I purchased the Miele 5 year warranty for the fridge, direct from Miele.

Then there are extended warranties offered from 3rd party companies (Not manufacturer) to warrant that appliance for x number of years. However, you have to read all the fie print to see what is and not covered. There have been those that have had issues getting coverage from a 3rd party person.

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Try Drimmers in Brooklyn. They carry all lines and have very competetive prices. They're closed on the Sabbath though, so I always have to go on a Sunday.

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