Has anyone used soapstone cookware?

plumfieldSeptember 15, 2007

This product intrigues me, but I'm not ready to shell out for it (and the s/h!) just yet. Supposedly has a naturally nonstick surface, and of course has heat-retaining qualities. Scrambled eggs are a pain since I gave up teflon in all its assorted forms, LOL. (And I can't seem to keep my cast iron griddle rustless, either, since I'm not the only one using it).

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Go to the "kitchen forum" at the bottom of the page is a search. Type in "some stone countertops too soft?" A soapstone fabricator has some info on the cookware. I too am impressed with the cookware.

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In my net-roaming, I found a site that has a bigger variety of cookware/tableware in soapstone than I have seen anywhere else...


Apparently, this material is as good at keeping things cold as it is at keeping things warm.

On thing concerned me a little was the warning, I think it was somewhere on bucks site, that it shouldn't be in direct contact with flame. Huh? I thought it was cookware? Guess I'll have to follow up on that with someone who is cooking with it, at bucks...I didn't see the cookbook for sale there, but they sell it at www.fantes.com along with a similar, limited number of pieces.

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Interesting about no direct contact with flame but I guess I always thought of it as ovenware. Hadn't thought of stovetop.

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I personally feel it is way overpriced for what you get.

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