Flavor Wave Oven

motherhubbardSeptember 2, 2006

I purchased one of these from the tv commercials and haven"t cooked anything but breakfast sausage on it. Does anyone use one? Would love to hear input, please.

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I purchased one last December. Since then, we find ourselves using it 2 to 3 times per week. Primarily because we don't want to fire up the gas oven. Fish and Chicken cook very well in this unit. Moist and delicious. My problem is I tend to over cook. I have cooked frozen cornish game hens, 3 at a time, and they were very good. I cooked a prime rib roast, frozen solid, and it was good. Steaks are O.K., but there are other ways I prefer cooking them. Hot dogs, tater tots, frozen cinnamon rolls, all cook good. Frozen pizzas have a tendency to be undercooked on the bottom - doughey. I may try a small 8" cooking stone to see if this will help. Heat it up, put the pizza on, then cook. You do have to turn the foods half way through, in most cases. The best food though, without a doubt, are baby back ribs. This cooks terrific ribs. Easy to cook, easy to clean, grease dropping to the bottom, and the taste - yummy! And last of all, the unit is very easy to clean. So would I buy this again? You bet! I even have some family members who want one. This is one of my favorite applicances. The other, my DCS range.

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Thanks so much for the answer. I just need to start trying different foods until I figure out how to use it. The baby back ribs sound tasty! Do you marinate them first or add barbeque sauce or anything?

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I try variations on the ribs. I cook them a little, turning on each side, then add your favorite bbq sauce and let the sauce bake on. Very good! Also, try rubs. There are some pretty good sites to get rub recipies. Whether or not in the Flavor Wave or on the grill, makes some tasty ribs. Marinating certain fish, salmon, etc. , also turns out well. I know they say you can cook a small turkey, but I have not tried that yet. However, just like any busy family, time is short - so I have taken a frozen chicken and cooked it in about an hour and half. Very, very good. BBQ chicken is also very good. From what I understand, the chances of getting a food borne illness is less taking it from a frozen state to a cooked state with out thawing. We have tried both ways and never a problem. Including chicken. I do like the way it cooks most foods. I read where someone likes baking cookies, but I am not sure how that would be accomplished without using a baking stone. The rack in the oven will take about a 10 or 11" baking stone. I have found larger, but not sure how to cut it down to fit. I have found some 8" on Amazon. May give that a try. But 8" is may be a tad to small. Enjoy your oven, I know I do!

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There is a yahoo forum for this oven...with helps, hints and recipes and all the stuff discussed about it, like temps., broken parts, etc. The site is:

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