Gas cooktop-Miele,Thermador,or Wolf?

mcwoodleNovember 24, 2013

I'm doing a kitchen remodel and am down to final choices for a gas 36" cooktop. We've narrowed the choices down to Wolf, Thermador or Miele. My husband likes the design of the Thermador with the large center high BTU unit and the XLO simmer. But being fairly short (5'2"), I wanted the high BTU's closer to the front. So I'm now looking at the Wolf and Meile. The high BTU on the Wolf is on the bottom left, but it does not seem to have a very large surface grate area, I tried to put a large wok ring on it and it did not fit. Miele has 2 high dual stack BTU units in the front, but I heard that the Miele gas cooktops tend to have ignition problems. Can you help me decide?

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I currently have a 6 top gas Wolf range, so can't answer on the Wolf cooktop. But the Wolf simmer and low capacity is superb on ours. I think the high BTU on the Wolf CT being in the back is to help ensure your vent hood covers the cooking effluent.

All this said, have you looked at a Dacor Cooktop? They have various levels of pro makes, and of BTUs, still have the easy to remove two burner double grate I believe, and have a TM stainless finish that is worth every penny in low maintenance. I had one for over a decade and it still looked and cooked wonderfully before the re-model.

Just an idea.

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Thanks for the feedback. Yes, I did look at the Dacor, but the grates are almost an inch higher than the grates on these 3 brands. So being height-challenged, Dacor dropped out of the running.

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I've had the 36" Wolf for almost nine years and I love it!

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The best 36" gas cooktop is BlueStar RBCT365BSS with the two power burners up front.

In link dealer website with 6 rather long reviews with an average 4.8 out of 5 rating.

Here is a link that might be useful: LINK

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I decided to go with the Thermador. A big priority was to be able to comfortably use 3 large pots or pans (12") simultaneously, and it looks like the Thermador can do this the best without the pans bumping into each other. Thanks for all of your comments!

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Let me know how you like your Thermador. I'm also deciding between Miele, Therm and Wolf cooktops.

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Yes, I'll provide a follow-up. The cabinets are arriving this week. But with the holidays, probably won't have a working kitchen until next year :(

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