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emmaNovember 23, 2012

I bought a retail game CD called 101 games. I keep getting messages when the level is over telling me who has the best score. Does that mean I am connected to their site. It also plants a cookie every time I play the game, I run CC and it goes away but when I play the game again it's back. You would think buying it retail, it wouldn't have a connection to Alawar. I cannot block the cookie and I have googled with no results. There are a lot of people out there trying to block it also. They say their cookies are not harmful but just curious as to how it gets on my PC. Built in to the CD????

I have a lot of games and have blocked their cookies. I even googled and after much searching I did find a way to block Googles cookies, but nothing comes up for Alawar.

BTW for those of you that like Mah Jong, the best MJ game I have found is on it.

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Hi EmmaR,

A cookie is sent from a Website and stored in a user's web browser. If your getting cookies set from Alawar. Then it appears you're connected to the Alawar Web site.


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Joe, The website addy must be in the CD and does it automatically. I guess it doesn't hurt anything, but I don't like being able to do that. Iwin games can do that, but it's easily stopped in a tool/privacy option.

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Emma, Alaware Games appears to be owned by Big Fish Games. If so a word of warning for you. Be sure to keep your registration and contact info because when my wife bought from Big Fish we had to obtain a new registration code when I wiped her drive to start over. The old code was useless. They informed me at that time that we would be allowed 3 installs only.

No big deal in the greater scheme of things but if you happen to have computer problems needing a re-install of your games it might give you grief.

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I learned about that years ago, I lost $40. on a game I bought for myself and my sister. My information never matched what they had on their records. They helped me once, then it happened again I just wrote it off as a learning experience. I buy all my games retail, none online. That is why it irritates me that they still can plant cookies when I don't even visit their site. Iwin games are terrible about forcing you to use their game manager and go on line when you play. I emailed them and was told how to avoid the game manager and the connection. I still got their cookies so I put the url address in privacy/exceptions/block. No more cookies. Doesn't work for alawar.

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Emma, or anyone else who enjoys Mahjongg style games, Steve Moraff has some great free games here

Games 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 13, 17, and 23 are all free, the others are shareware.

I played some of these long ago, well worth the effort to download and try.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

just a heads up Owbist I get a red wot warning on that link.

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Raven Wrote:-
just a heads up Owbist I get a red wot warning on that link.

Interesting so readers might consider Googling for free Moraffs games to find another location. Moraffs games themselves are reputable I believe.

I did find Siteadvisor, Google and Safe Browsing all gave the link a green light. Norton had one red flag a year old and a few 3 years old.

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Thanks guys. I will be checking the site out. The M Jong on this CD is great, the name of the games are MJ Artifacts 1 and 2. My favorite is Disk #2 the quest game. It has shuffle and other fun tools. There are 3 MJ artifact games in each game. I also found another that I thought was a childs game but is a lot of fun. It is called Land of the Runes.

BTW, the Alawar cookie has stopped appearing and it stopped before I block The Big Fish url. ????

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