camera cord

fincheloverNovember 13, 2011

have a new laptop Toshiba satellite laptop can someone tell me where my cord from my camera is installed in my computer

Thanks for all your help

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Mine has a slot for my camera SD card

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thanks my granson"s girlfriend was just here and she told me about the card.....thanks

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...and almost all digital cameras have a cable that plugs into the camera on one end and, on the other end, has a USB connection that plugs into any USB port in the computer. However, if you have a slot for the camera's memory card in the computer, this is a generally faster way to transfer photos.

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Call me old fashion if you wish as I find it easier to just use the cable transfer method with my Canon. The card trafnsfer method requires me to remove the card, install it into my system, perform the desired task, remove it from the system, and reinstall it in the camera.

I never really noticed that much speed difference between the methods.

I do use the card method with the mini-SD for my cellphone.


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Speed may vary depending on the card/camera combo, but I've had 4-5 different digital cameras and different cards and they all seem to be noticeably slower when hooked up by cable, even with a USB 2.0 port. The few seconds it takes me to pull the card and pop it into my computer takes me less time than hunting around for the cable and then plugging it in, etc. Another advantage of using the card slot instead of hooking up the camera is that you don't use up battery charge (the camera has to be turned on to do the transfer using a cable). There have been several times where I've done a transfer by cable and started looking at the pictures, deciding which ones to transfer, which ones to rotate, showing them to a family member, etc....and then realized belatedly that I had had my camera turned on for half an hour while I was fooling around.

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My Canon takes two AAs and I have two sets of photo rechargeable batteries. For me I am at the stage of my life when I am no hurry for almost everything. I spent too many years at work and the standard family hullabaloo being at full speed while life passed by. A few seconds make very little difference to me now.

It's kind of like those drivers who always like to go 5 mph over the limit just to get there sooner. Unless you are doing 10, 12, or more hours of travel it really doesn't very much difference.

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thanks all: my grandson's girlfriend was over and she explained to me about the card--live and learn


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