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asoloSeptember 15, 2011

FWIW....a few years ago, bought two Calphalon 12" omelette pans (#1392) at BBB. About $70.00 each as I recall. Used them frequently. Even though they still looked fine, they began to stick a bit -- made it harder and harder to make my fried rice and soba noodles. (This is the one:

Sent them in to Calphalon for warranty consideration a few weeks ago and yesterday received two brand new ones. No hassles about receipts or usage or anything, they just did it.

I regard as excellent service. Suspect I may be buying more Calphalon stuff.

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I think Calphalon has the best warranty in the business. I've returned several pieces with the same outcome. No hassles, no questions.

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I have the same set. Really don't remember when I bought them, but sure I "registered" them... no idea where that paperwork could be?? great pans, only used correct utensils in them... but non-stick is fading fast. When I saw you post decided I really don't have anything to lose by sending them back. Also sending back a 2 qt sauce pan (Simply Calphalon)... part of an original set purchased before the 2 skillets. If I get brand new replacements, will be kicking myself for giving up on FAVORITE piece from that set after non-stick started failing... straight sided "saute" pan.

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Their site has a toll-free customer service phone number. Advise talking with them first.

They make so many products it's hard to know which ones may be "eligible". My particular items had a lifetime warranty. Others may not. Maybe best to talk with them about your particular concerns before spending money to send in for "evaluation". I can tell you receipts or proof-of-purchase, etc. don't matter. Nobody saves those.

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Found a box and shipped back sauce pan and 2 skillets via UPS at their cheapest rate ($12-something)... about 2 weeks ago or so. Had NO receipts and just extimated when I got them. Got BRAND NEW replacements yesterday! Sauce pan isn't an exact replacement, old one must be discontinued.

My sister told me she sent back a soup/stock pot and replacement she got had one of those pasta inserts... that the old one didn't have.

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