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kteeSeptember 19, 2006

There are two recipes for roast that I want to try. Both call for a dutch oven. One is cooked on top of the stove and one in the oven, both for 2-3 hours. I don't own a dutch oven. I did one time but it got rusty and I tossed it. I don't like dealing with the seasoning/rust/ issue. I am not much of a cook tho I am planning on becoming one even tho my kids are now grown and out of the house. I have a set of all-clad...stock pot and other pots and pans but nothing that is heavy with side handles that is 5-7 qts that would qualify as a dutch oven. Could I just use my stock pot? I want to make one of the recipes tonight. Do I go get a dutch oven? Where? And how much do I spend? I thought maybe I could get something at Marshalls??? I have a Sam's, LnT, BB&B and department stores just a couple miles from my house. Any thoughts. Thanks.

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I just checked my allclad pot and it is 11" across and about 5-6" high. It is heavy SS (I guess). The lid isn't real heavy and tight, but could it be used as a dutch oven?

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Without a tight fitting lit, it won't work. The thing about a Dutch oven is long slow cooking, even heat and a constant supply of moisture. If your pan boils rapidly, your meat will be tough.
I like cast iron enamel-ware for a Dutch oven. Doesn't need seasoning, is heavy and beautiful. You will find your best buys at TJ Maxx, Home Goods and Marshalls, or perhaps Tuesday Morning.
Linda C

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So, Lindac, is the inside enamel? Like white or red or something like that? The lid for the all clad is suppose to be tight, according to the directions. It just isn't heavy, nor does it lock.

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Cooks Illustrated preferred the 8 qt. All-Clad stock pot to a same size Le Creuset one. They thought they were just about interchangable as far as performance.

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We're talking Dutch ovens....slow cookers.
I don't own any All Clad...but I do own other clad pots....and there is no comparison in my opinion.
Yes the inside is enamel....smooth doesn't stick and cleans easily.
I use a SS stock pot with a copper sandwich bottom to make stock...but for braising and stews, I like Le Cruset. Or another brand of enamel cast iron.
Linda C

Here is a link that might be useful: pots and pans

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