Angel food cake pan trouble

toomuchSeptember 26, 2005

Well, I got this new pan by Wilton, "indulgence prof'l bakeware." It says it's nonstick but safe for metal utensils. I made a cake in it and followed the recipe instructions which said to invert the pan and cool the cake in the pan. Maybe it's just my inexperience with angel food cake baking, but after cooling, the cake totally stuck to the pan--I mean all over. I thought I'd be able to simply run a knife around the edge and "release" it. Am I supposed to have to dig it out with a metal spatula? Cake tasted great, recipe from Claiborne, NYT cookbook, and was mostly the right consistency (although there were some lumps??). I'm not a "new" baker, but I haven't made this kind of cake in years... So, is it something I did wrong, or is it the pan?

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The cake is supposed to "stick" somewhat.....or it won't climb the pan and rise to the heights it should...
I have to run a sharp blade around the outside edge of the pan.....all the way down to the bottom of the pan, and twist the center post to release it.....then invert and shake the cake out.
Was it harder than that?
Linda C

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Lindac, thank you-- I guess now I know what to do next time...I think I would've needed to run a knife around the center post as well, before twisting it; it was really stuck all over. Guess I was surprised b/c it was a nonstick pan, but also I think I was not familiar enough with the fine points of angel food cake!

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