Can someone just TELL me which hood to buy?!

meek95November 30, 2012

After spending what seems like eons researching refrigerators, ranges, dishwashers, etc. (including countless hours reading GW threads) I am exhausted and not up to tackling hoods.

I understand baffle vs. mesh filters, CFM calculations, recommended width of the hood, and the various types: chimney, wall, undercabinet, liner.

What I don't understand is "squirrel cages", centrifugal fans, fan blade, turbine, etc. I watched a youtube video on how to clean a Proline hood that had baffle filters and a centrifugal fan (which required unscrewing the cage and dismantling the fan). Are most hoods constructed this way? Pictures of some hoods show two fans underneath, are they not covered by filters? I can't tell what's going on inside this Kobe:

I want a hood to be quiet (not all mfrs. state their sone or decibel level), easy to clean, moderately priced, baffle filters, internal blower, 600+CFM. I think our ducting is 7" (will not be changed). It needs to be undercabinet and not very tall (around 10" is ok). It will cover a 36" range with 6 burners (yes, you GW'ers convinced me to upgrade from a 30" range).

Can someone educate me on about what's going on inside the hood or point me to the thread that explains it? Thanks!!

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Your setup and requirements are almost the same as mine. I went with the Vent-a-Hood PRH9-236.

I would also look into the Broan E6436SS. You may run into issues finding a hood to fit your existing 7" duct (the VAH is 8"). I found there were not many options under 10" height and 600+ CFM.

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I would suggest one of the Kobe undercabinet hoods. They will work with your 7" duct, relatively quiet, excellent easy to clean baffles and moderately priced. CH-77, CH-179 and CH-191. Differences between them are their heights and profiles.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kobe hoods

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Thank you, I actually saw that Broan model in a store today, the salesman said it would work with our duct size. Kobe has positive reviews on this site. I'll just focus on those two brands and be done with it. I don't think I could go wrong with either.

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The VAH hood has squirrel cage fans that also act as grease slingers. This type requires disassembly to some degree for cleaning. Mesh filter and baffle filter hoods require removal of the filters for cleaning. This is normally simpler to perform than cleaning squirrel cage motor assemblies. Baffles filter even when dirty; meshes must be cleaned to keep airflow up. No system removes all sizes of grease particles except intense UV systems not applicable here.

Except for the VAH, all other configurations use fans for air movement only. Some have fans in the hood, some in-line with the ducting, and some on the roof. In-line and roof fans may be selected separately from the hood in many cases. Fans operating above (past) the filtering media should not require normal cleaning, but I wouldn't claim perpetual freedom.

Fans with what one would call blades can have different configurations of blades depending on many factors that are probably outside the interest of most of us. The important factor is the "fan curve," or plot of flow rate versus the pressure difference across the fan. The more vertical the line is from the zero static pressure point, the more resistant the fan flow will be to pressure loss from duct friction, air turbulence in the baffles, flow past meshes, aerodynamic effects at duct transitions and hood aperture, etc. Best/Broan (and Wolf) can provide fan curves. Very likely Greenheck does for commercial units. I don't know of other manufacturers' habits. I would expect all residential fans to have monotonic fan curves; otherwise, there can be some setting/restriction that would cause the fan to hunt (cycle between two speeds).


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Before buying anything from Proline, one would be well-advised to check out their history with the Better Business Bureau.

Here is a link that might be useful: Proline Range Hoods BBB page

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