Culinox GL Copper Pans

HarwochSeptember 26, 2005

I am looking for information regarding Culinox copper pans. I have a new set of 3 different ones I just got from a friend and I cannot find much information on them on the internet. They are all copper on the outside and stainless inside. One is a 12 1/2" X 1 1/4" round pan, then there are two oval pans. One is 12 1/2" X 7 1/2" and the other one is 16 1/2" X 8 1/2". Both have never been used to cook with. The previous owner bought them about 20 years ago to hang in her kitchen for decoration. The bottom is stamped Spring Culinox GL made in Switzerland. Any info would be appreciated!!


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Are you sure they are stainless inside. Normally copper pans have tin linings.

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The little info I could find on the web described them as "three-layer aluminium core, enclosed in stainless steel, exterior of polished copper".

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I have two small Spring Culinox Copper Sauce pans with lids and
I can assure you that they are stainless steel on the interior. I only
use them as serving dishes and never cook with them also. I
bought mine at a store called Zabars in New York City. They
might be a resource but what kind of info are you looking for.

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i just bought a set at an auction and the manual was still with them....
here's a summary

make sure before first use you fully soak them in boiling hot water and soda powder. not sure what the ratio is- perhaps online. this removes the "decorative lacquer" so they are prepared for cooking.

copper will oxidize, making a rainbow sheen. if you don't like this, use SPRING copper cleaner prior to the use of the pot.
dark brown spots appear when the decorative lacquer was not fully removed. these are difficult to remove. you can rub with acetone but this can be explosive. (then why would they suggest this??)

never clean with powder detergents, pads or steel wool. will scratch surface.
after each use, clean, rinse and dry- water spots can stain as well.

the multiple layer sandwich material is copper outside followed by stainless steel, iron, and stainless steel inside. excellent thermal conductivity. no distortion- never heat an empty pan. years of cooking pleasure.

hope that helped....

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