ms_minnamouseAugust 16, 2011

What's a good, reasonably priced food dehydrator? It's for home use. Is spinning trays important?

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I like my excalibur dehydrator also. It is expensive but you can do so much more in one because it is larger than cheaper models out there and the process dries from the back instead of bottom up, making it more efficient.

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There are also some easy-to-make solar dehydrators as well, and they can be made cheaply--even with cardboard!

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I found 2 Excalibers on craigslist. The first one was $125 and the next week I found the second for $100.

My first dehydrator was from Walmart. I liked it well enough before I bought the Excalibers.

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I found a Nesco dehydrator on ebay. It is on its way to me as we speak. My current unit is a dinosaur Ronco without even an on/off switch let alone any controls. Plug in: on. Unplug: off. It also takes three days to do what should take 1 or 2. It's an oldie.

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Have a very inexpensive, no-frills dehydrator... think I got it at Rite-Aid... many years ago for maybe $9.99?? Don't do any serious dehydrating but wanted to pass along one thing I did with mine.

Bought a bag-o jalapenos at Produce Junction... think it was 2 lbs for something like $2.50... a LOT of peppers. I knew they'd go bad before I ever used them up... not a BIG fan of hot stuff. I cut stems off, sliced length-wise and just let them go in dehydrator until "crispy". Then threw them into food processor to grind up. Ended up with some pretty fine jalapeno powder that I sub for cayenne or black pepper in rubs and things. After first batch, made a mental not to SELF! COVER food processor with damp towel and do NOT pull the lid off without letting all the DUST settle!! Didn't do either of those things and bet I sneezed for almost an hour!

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