Anyone have copper Sur La Table pans?

alexranderSeptember 12, 2007

I just bought some closeout 'skillets' and saute pan that are copper with stainless lining and handles. They say "Sur La Table" and are made in Italy. I got them from the Sur la Table store.. Anyone have any experience with them as everyday use?

They say they use 1.5 mm copper. and I used a digital caliper and they are approx. 2.1 total thickness. The copper appears closer to 1.8+ in thickness. I know the best copper pans are 2.3 or 2.5 in thickness. So will these hold up?

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I have a large (8+ quart) copper Sur La Table Dutch Oven that I've had for several years. It's a wonderful pot, and has held up well.

I just don't just it much, because it doesn't go in the dishwasher, and because I hate, hate, hate polishing copper.

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Ok, so this isn't actaully helpful information, but rather a movie review! For various reasons, I wouldn't buy the copper stuff, but oh my oh my I love to handle it when I'm in Sur La Table. The heft is so delicious, and the coppery gleam is so attractive.

My dh and I just went to see Ratatouille, and it was an absolutely delicious movie if you love to cook. The animators did a wonderful job, especially in the kitchen scenes. I loved looking at the copper pans, among other wonderful animated details. And it was funny, we laughed all the way through...maybe because we weren't expecting much from a cartoon. Anyway, we topped off the evening by going out for fondue.

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