on taskbar, every site I have gone to is listed-

ilmbgNovember 26, 2012

On my taskbar- where the 'E' for Internet Explorer is...it has every single site I have gone to listed. I guess every place I surf is opening a new window?
How do I stop this? I usually have two windows open- so I can switch back and forth.

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On my IE10 it would be click the gear & Internet Options, then click the button labeled TABS. Look there.

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ravencajun Zone 8b TX

Yes you definitely want to be opening up sites in new tabs Not in new windows. Each time you open it up in a window that is another instance of IE running which can end up slowing you down considerably. It just isn't a good practice. Close out of all of them and open only one instance of IE then click on the tabs bar to open a new page and set up your preferences to open new links in tabs.

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OK, thank you. I hope that is the end! Sometimes there would be 20+ tabs before I realized it.
Thanks again.

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