Copper pots ? Are they good for gas top cooking?

mstargardener1September 29, 2004

I have always wanted a few copper pots as long as I can remember. My question is are they worth the money and how do they fair compaired to other cookware when using a pro style gas range?

I do like to cook and hope to do much more after my kitchen is remodeled. Deciding on the range will be Blue Star or Jade gas. I have come across some very heavy, very beautiful copper pots that are at a local discount store. Before buying I thought I would get a little feed back and justify the extreme cost even at a discount. I remember my Grandmother using a copper pan at almost every meal. Are they for decoration or really serve a purpose?


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Not just for decoration! Copper is the standard for many chefs, worldwide. I love cooking with it because it heats up fast and evenly. There is nothing else like it IMO. The downside is that cleaning copper takes a little effort, since it is not the type of cookware you leave in your sink soaking overnight. Check out the link to see a little more on the subject...

Here is a link that might be useful: Cookware Tutorial

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They are a real pain to keep clean. They are the best conductor of heat but really aren't necessary for most people's purposes. My grandmother also had copper pots but that was because aluminum was considered a rare metal in the 19th century and was very expensive :) Queen Victoria had jewelry made out of the stuff.

They are supposed to have a chemical reaction with egg whites but that has nothing to do with cooking -- i.e. a large copper bowl will be used for beating egg whites.

If you want to spend the money, go for it but personally I can't imagine spending the money or devoting the cleaning effort for what would be non-existent to marginal returns -- P.S. I cook a lot and love All Clad and Calphalon.

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I have 10 and 12 inch copper SS lined saute pans. I wouldn't trade them for anything. They work great on any type of flame. And if they have flat bottoms they work on electric.

As for the cleaning, I use Bar Keepers Friend, works great and easy to use, just takes a little elbow grease.

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Claire, Thank you for the link I have printed off so I can read and carry with me when I'm shopping. I should have known you would respond since you have done your homework and have the most beautiful copper in your kitchen.
I know they do take a little more attention than most pots but that's the beauty and I always have bar keepers friend around. Must have been important to Grandma because she always made sure it was cleaned properly. I suppose I'll get one, the saucepan was a size I would use most days. See how I like and then decide if it's worth purchasing a few more. I don't buy in sets I get what works for me and don't get too concerned about looks. The more you use the better a good pan cooks.

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MG, a saucepan was the first copper pot that I bought. When you try it, you'll love it. I wouldn't think of giving up my cast iron or my non-stick (for eggs), but the copper is my real love. Please come back and let us know what you think of it!

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I "inherited" several copper pots from my mother (I say inherited in quotes, because she's still alive, just was ready to pass on the pots). She originally bought them in Paris at the Flea Market in 1953 or so. So far, most of them have been decorative, but I have been cooking in a couple of them and I really enjoy it - they are very responsive - heat up quickly and evenly. I'm not a very good cleaner upper, so they're getting a nice "patina," but the inside (tinned) cleans out well enough that I feel comfortable with coolking in them. I'd go for it! But I admit that I love the look of copper as well as the usefulness.

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I have a few french copper pots my mother gave to me after she got her AGA (they don't have machined flat bottoms so they don't work on the AGA well). I LOVE them.

I was fortunate enough to check out Tuesday Morning last week, as they advertised Cuisinart copper pots and pans (I have tons of stainless muulticlad cuisinart and I love it, more than my All-Clad). I bought a couple open stock pieces, and happen to find a 7-piece set for $49.99, so I grabbed it. After looking at my reciept, I realized it had be mismarked as a cheap suitcase, which is why a set with a MSRP of $900 sold for $50!

If you have a Tuesday Morning in your area, give them a look, as it was a featured item (but they sell out these types of things fairly quickly).

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Started using some Mauviel OS pieces a couple months ago and would never switch back. Rice comes out so much better and they're great for sauces where you need to raise and lower temps fairly precisely and rapidly. I've only had to polish them about once a month. Just don't let it sit around on the stovetop for too long before washing and drying it.

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I understand that the tin lining -- the only kind I have seen at discount stores -- does not waer well and is very expensive to replace. Look into it if you are serious.

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I spent my childhood cleaning my mom's copper pans, and never found it hard to do. We used a paste called Twinkle that seemed to dissolve the patina - it came in a low round container, maybe 2" high. I googled for it and found it easily, and it's CHEAP!

Here is a link that might be useful: Source for Twinkle

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