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kitchenwaredirectSeptember 2, 2009

How to steam broccoli into a saucepan?

Can somebody advise me how to accurately steam broccoli in a saucepan?

Thanks In advance â¦

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You can also do it with about 1/4 inch of water in the pan, a lid and keep a close eye on it....but a steamer basket is better with less chance of burning it.
Linda C

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This is what I do and people seem to like it:
Wash and cut the broccoli, placing coarser, more fibrous sections in one pile and florets in another.
Place two inches of water in saucepan, cover, bring to a rolling boil.
Carefully drop the coarser pile into the pan. Steam until somewhat under done.
Place the florets on top of the coarser part (above the water level); cover, and steam until desired tenderness has been reached. You may need to experiment with timing.
Plunge pan into an ice-filled bowl to stop cooking.
Drain and serve.

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