Getting used to Windows 7, but-

mudlady_gwNovember 18, 2012

I am annoyed because when I click on the X in the upper right corner of the screen, I am almost always asked if want to close all tabs or only the current one. Since they ask so often, I wish they had simply placed at the X place two spots to check--one for close current and another for close all. Or--let the X be used to always close only one page at a time. XP never did this to me.


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Click the x on the right side of the tab, is what I do.. Click the red x and check the don't show me this again box.

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I set mine to warn me if I am closing multiple pages.

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Are you referring to W7 with IE9 versus XP and IE8? If so, Tools>Internet Options>General tab>on the lower quarter of the appearing window click on the Tabs Settings radio button>uncheck Warn Me When Closing Multiple Tabs>OK.

I personally would suggest you leave the feature activated. An extra click here and there is simple tasking to prevent against losing work product.


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