amtrucker22October 18, 2012

Has anyone looked into using a VRF A/C system in their build? I had a project manager mention it to me today at work and was curious to see if they have come down in price and if they would suit a residential build.


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I've done a bit of looking into VRV on Daikin's webpage, From the little bit of reading I've done a split system will be less costly and the only noteable thing a VRF/VRV system can do that a split setup cannot is simultaneously heat and cool 2 different areas of the home. I can't honestly say that I can think of a time in my residential life where I've wanted to do that :d

No expert here, just what I've Googled.

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If this is a heating/cooling thing, you might also want to check in to the HVAC forum. Reasonably active forum with good people there.

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Thanks for the info Niteshade.

Didn't even think about the HVAC forum (only been on this one and the buying/selling forum). Thanks for the suggestion kirkhall.

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