Gas Fireplace or Not?

jean61October 31, 2011

Hello everyone, We have submitted our plans to the county but I have changed my mind and want a fireplace in the great room and looks like the picture attached.

My's on an interior wall. Will I be able to get this look with a Gas/lp Vented Fireplace?

And does anyone have any recommendations on gas/lp vented fireplaces? I can not find any consumer ratings on gas fireplaces!!

traditional family room design by toronto interior designer c3d design

thanks jean

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Where would I search to get info on Gas Fireplaces. Is there some type of consumer reporting on them?

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Direct vent gas fireplaces can be used on inside walls. I have installed Valor, Napoleon and other brands. The most notable differences are the size of the unit and the complexity of the surrounds; as expected, the larger and more elaborate they are, the higher the price.

The AFUE (average fuel use efficiency) rating is a useful comparison. Your best bet is to visit a fireplace showroom so you can see various units in operation. The realism of the "fire" varies among brands.

The biggest mistake I made with the direct vent units was buying one that was much too large for the room in one home. When our power was out for a couple of days one winter, the heat from the three dv units we had still kept our home in the 50s F.

Here is a link that might be useful: Direct Vent Fireplace Buying Guide

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Just so you know - direct vent fireplaces have glass in front of them. They are efficient heaters, but don't look like a traditional fireplace. Some are much better than others, though, and the glass can be camouflaged with doors, screens, etc.

If you have a fireplace, you have to have a way to vent it outside unless you use vent free which I wouldn't recommend. We weren't able to do this for our basement - there is a limitation on how far to the outside you can vent and you also have to allow for the space for the chase. We ended up doing a b-vent which vents through the roof with a metal pipe. It is very well hidden and you can't see it from any angle because of our complicated roof design. You can cover them up with brick or stone, which I would recommend but we couldn't do that because it is in an odd place and too close to the masonry fireplaces we already have.

I would get a fireplace expert to look at your plans - most good fireplace stores have someone who figures out what can be installed where - and see if this is achievable.

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Thanks Guys....I will ask the experts. It will be on an interior wall and the vent would have to go straight up thru the roof. Husband's --comment was...if we can not make it look good on the roof--forget it. So knowing that we could stone it or something maybe it's still an option.

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While a roof line may be somewhat important aesthetically, I venture to guess that you will focus on the nice fireplace a lot more than the roof line...

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Sophie Wheeler

Based on your other post, you should probably not be adding 8-10K worth of a fireplace to a home where you're already shocked at what the kitchen you want will cost you.

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Hollysprings--that is one of the things we didn't know if we should subtract as it was a part of the builders price in the beginning then we subtracted it out but I debating if that is a wrong decision incase of loss of electric. I think we are going to go without since the wall cabinets along will cost big bucks to achieve that look and we have a back up generator that will atleast cover the basic. (it's not a whole house unit--but it will cover the heat and refrigerator /stove & a few lights)

As to the Kitchen, I have gotten prices in....and THANK GOD I am NO Where near the price that was mentioned on a post by others. I'm coming in around 35,000 for the kitchen cabinets and we are the $10,000.00 -12,000.oo type of appliance people--Not the high end appliances. I know I still need to include the granite and backsplash. But I won't be near 100,000 for a kitchen!

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I will join hollysprings on this one. Dont feel bad about not doing it. They are a waste of upfront money and long term energy costs. They usually pose a risk to indoor air quality as well.

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It is so funny how many of us come back to the same subjects over and over again while building a house. Even costing $5000 I doubt I would ever contact cost of heating a couple rooms of the house with this fireplace. The most I can see if fireplace would be good for if the power goes out. If it goes out for a long time there may be problems with frozen pipes and such. I can see it being turned on and off for certain people If they tend to be the cold-blooded types. I think the reason those people like it is because of the looks. However you tend to lose an entire wall.

So basically it comes down to lose in the wall of space or having something that looks nice in your home. I can see it for heating someplace like the basement but that is not where it is usually put.

Even with my reasoning here which seems sound I'm still torn between having one and not having one. For me it's songs of the Christmas trees by the fire, so you can rest the chestnuts on. I have never rosted chestnuts and I would get gas fireplace anyway. There are maybe three months in the year or I could consider using it. Eight months of the year I would be wanting my wall.

So why is it I'm still having trouble choosing??


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He only put a flue in the there is a chimney on the backporch which I like the look of. I will try to post a pic later. So for Us's only the wall shelving...with No fireplace!

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