all clad vs. le gourmet chef

kidzitiSeptember 12, 2006

Is anyone familiar with the fully clad 18/10 tri ply cookware from le Gourmet Chef (and branded with that store name)? I have read a post or two favorably comparing it to All Clad, but was wondering if anyone can speak from experience or other knowledge regarding this line. It seems substantial enough in the store.

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I have All-Clad, and I am not familiar with Le Gourmet Chef. But I remember a discussion about the two lines of cookware on You might do a search there. If I recall correctly, someone posted that they thought the LGC was not quite as substantial as the AC, but I'm honestly not sure. Check it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: discuss cooking

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This is what I was able to dig up: the difference between the weight of the items is either inconsequentially small or truly negligible. The performance quality of LGC equals or approaches that of AC. The rivets holding the handles on the LGC seem not quite as flush against the inner surface of the pot/pan as AC, presumably a potential issue with food residue. This "gap" I have indeed verified on comparison of LGC with AC. With LGC, I can slide the corner of an index card between the body of the pot and the inside rivet head in some places. It is not an obvious gap - certainly something one must be "looking for" to notice, and there is absolutely no question the rivet is flush enough to hold the handle securely and tightly to the body.

All in all, I am still inclined to go with LGC because of the substantial price difference for questionable difference in fit/finish of the product. I also prefer the feel of the LGC handle, but that is likely a personal preference that would not necessarily translate to another's preference. I would love to hear from others about this product - especially pro cooks who have used LGC.

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I just did a search and came up with this OLD POST. I just looked at the Le Gourmet Chef pans and they look really good. I had just made up my mind to buy the All-clad. I have Cuisinart and do not LOVE them. I have a Wolf range and I want a better pan. If Kidziti is still on this forum you aaid you were buying the LGC pans and if you did? Do you like them? They are having a good sale and I can buy for almost half price of all clad. I want the SS and I have read about Sam's club pans(disc) and Cosco (disc)I just don't want to get stuck and wish I had bought the all-clad. Anyone else have these or looked at both? Thanks.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

I have a 4 quart saute/braiser pan from Le Gourmet Chef and am very happy with it. I paid $70 for it 4 years ago. It's a great pan. I would buy more Le Gourmet Chef anyday over Al Clad.

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Thanks for your response. I have been trying to buy all-clad on ebay and at stores like home goods, tj maxx, etc but I can still get the Le Gourmet Chef for less then 1/2 the price. They are doing 30 percent off and some are buy one get one free. I think I will go look at them again tomorrow. Thanks.

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Bumblebeez SC Zone 7

Thats sounds like a really good deal. I occasionally see Al Clad at tjmaxx and such but it's still high.

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Both are excellent. Handles are a personal issue; I like both. I recently started testing them side by side. The All Clad cooks a little faster and conducts a little better, but the LGC is fine for most jobs and people The All Clad tri-ply goes all the way up the sides which is probably why. I suspect the LGC is tri-ply on the bottom only. I have an induction range so conduction is important. I am using an infrared thermometer to try to measure differences. With liquid in the pan, a lot of the difference goes away as the liquid also acts to conduct heat. Both are well made. For the price and for most people, the LGC is a real bargain. The Lancaster, PA outlet has a 50% off sale now!

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