find a vintage cast iron dutch oven piece

midwestmiddleageAugust 4, 2007

I have been looking for a replacement half for the cast iron dutch oven I inherited from my grandma. It originally had two pans that fit together. One was deeper than the other ( I still have that half). The other half just resembled a regular depth skillet. It was made my Wagner. Has anyone seen one like this? I really would like to replace the part that broke some years ago when my daughter started cooking (need I say more?)

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Have you searched eBay? And you might contact a dealer on ebay and ask them to keep a look out for you.
Linda C

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The pan you have is known as a deep "chicken fryer" or a "double skillet". Your pan is not a dutch oven. You can sometimes find the lid for your pan on Ebay.

Go to the search area on Ebay and type in "iron skillet double" in the search field and search under "all categories". This search will usually find "top" skillets for your type of chicken fryer.

Also, you can type in "iron chicken fryer" in the search field and search "all categories". This search will usually find fryers with both the top and the bottom. One of these is currently listed on an Ebay auction......see link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay chicken fryer auction

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Dan-thanks! Didn't know it was called that but that is EXACTLY what I was looking for! Thanks again!

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