how do you use a rice steamer

kellgetterAugust 1, 2008

I acquired a rice steamer from a garage sale. Now if only I knew how to use it! Can anybody instruct me?

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What brand and model.
Searching by manufacturer can often allow downloads of operation instructions.

My simple Zenjuroshi, uses a supplied measuring cup, and marks along the side for water levels. Each mark corresponds to each cup of rice used. It also has a steamer insert, a slotted raised disk that sits on the bottom, a little bit of water under that, some veggies and wait for the ding and they are done. Mine is very simple in operation, much like a toaster, been using it for nearly 18 years.

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It's a Salton RA-3. Tried looking it up but no manual is available online. Great idea though. Sadly, I don't have the rice measure for it. Hope I'm not doomed to a perfectly good unusable product.

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Nothing definite but here's a site with 143 reviews. Maybe something in there. I googled "Salton RA-3 reviews".

FWIW, I have a Panasonic. Cost too much ($160.00) but I'd buy it again in a heartbeat. Superior rice. Best I've found is Kokuho Rose. Different world.

Here is a link that might be useful: Salton Rice Cooker reviews

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Multiple heads are better than 1. I Googled the model before your suggestion & didn't come across that link. From the reviews I can see why I acquired this lil number so cheap. Perhaps I'll look into purchasing a real steamer like the ones you mentioned asolo. Thanks a bunch!

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If you're going to splurge, the one I have (2 years. Perfect from day 1) is Panasonic SR-MM10NS available at Williams-Sonoma. This is the one that "won" the Wall Street Journal shoot-out a couple of years ago although I'm sure its competitors are just as good. With the machine and Kokuho Rose, I've made many converts among family and friends. Two closest friends, after poo-pooing my "extravagant" purchase for months, both bought one for themselves upon dining with me and tasting the result.

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It ain't rocket science, so don't sweat it. Worst that will happen is that you'll mess up a couple of batches while figuring out the proportions, but here's a seat-of-the-pants trick for measuring the proportions of rice and water:

Put the rice in the pot, spread out so it's flat and not a mound. (Some people recommend rinsing the rice first.) Hold your index finger vertically so it's just barely touching the rice. Fill the pot with water to the point where the water level just touches the finger crease of the distal finger joint (that is, the finger joint nearest the fingernail). Then close the pot and turn on the rice cooker.

See what kind of results that gives you: if it's gummy, don't use quite so much water next time, if it's dry use a little more water. If that technique works for you, you never need to measure anything.

OTOH, if you want or need to measure: I've had a couple of rice cookers, and found that the included measuring 'cup' is actually 6 ounces, so that when cooked it ends up making about 1 cup of cooked rice. So you can use a quarter-cup measure three times for each cup of cooked rice you want. If you want to end up with 3 cups of cooked rice, measure out into the pot 18 ounces (2 and 1/4 cups) of rice, fill the water to the 3 cup mark on the pot, and close it and cook it.

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Thanks again asolo. You rock Arley! Gr8 tips! I appreciate you guys for taking to the to help me out. Group hug, LOL!

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Arley! Here's a follow up! Did exactly as you recommended. My rice is stellar!!! YEAAAAAAAAAH! I luv you, LOL!

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Can't go through life eating inferior rice! Good on ya!

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Touche! My inferior rice are indeed over! Next stop, mastering sushi!

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We, asian, cook rice... no measure:o)

Generally, 1 part of rice with 2 parts of water. Do that on your first try. Then, add or subtract the water accordingly because different type of rice absorbs different level of water. Even the same type of rice asborb differently due to when it was harvested.

You do want to rinse rice to get rid of the starch that covers the rice.

As a general instruction for an electric rice cooker: Once the rice and water is in the cooker, press the button in the front down. When it pops back up, it is done (approximately 15-20 mins.). Watch out for hot steam when open the lid.

Note that this model doesn't seemed to have a "keep warm" feature. So, don't leave it on for too long once the rice is cooked.

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