Cleaning Mold from Bakestone

JonnyVAugust 20, 2013

I have a new bake stone (by Electrolux) that I picked up at an estate sale. Somehow it got mold on it. I have done nothing but season it, wash it and put it away. I assume I didn't properly dry it. IDK.
Any Ideas?
I suppose baking the hell out of it would kill it and it wouldn't be a problem... except when someone sees it... Again, IDK for sure.
Thanks for any help!

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HATE to see a post go with NO responses. Don't know for sure, but thinking a soak in MILD bleach solution coldn't be awful?? After mold is gone... a LONG soak (or 2-3) in clear water.

I know "they" say NOT to use any soap/detergent on baking stone things. Have a few Pampered Chef things that SIL passed my way after she got outta the demo business. Have run thru dishwasher with no (apparent) ill effects!?!

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What kind of stone is the baking stone made of? The approach to sterilization and particularly rinsing will depend on porosity.

If soapstone, use of bleach and a soak rinse should be fine, as soapstone is inert to most chemicals and is non-porous. If granite, then the question would be how tightly the grains are packed; some decorative granites can be penetrated somewhat and would require very hot rinsing. A terracotta 'stone' would be porous and not a good candidate for bleaching, although multiple rinse soaks over days may suffice.


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