Just purchased a vintage Hobart Kitchenaid on ebay!

sadiebrooklynAugust 29, 2010

I am very excited about finally having a stand mixer! I purchased a vintage (not sure of the exact date because the seller could not find a seriel number) Hobert manufactured Kitchenaid K5SS mixer. It is only coming with one stainless bowl and the whisk attachment.

I was wondering what people would recommend in the way of attachments to get me started!

Here is a link to the pictures!

K5SS Kitchenaid

I am hoping to find someone in NY who can powdercoat it for me a nice new shiny white!

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Found one just like it a while back at Good Will. Sticker said $39.99. SInce I already HAVE one... a little too frivilous for me. UNTIL I realized the color of the sticker meant 50% off that day. Just hadda buy it. It was kind of a drab yellow color. Came with paddle, whisk, and dough hook. Plugged it in and it worked fine.

Got it home and gave it a serious clean up. Then I got a brain-storm. I taped off everything and spray painted it with flat black paint meant for gas grills.

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