Cuisinart Saute Pan 3 1/2 qt, oven safe?

puzzlefanAugust 13, 2013

Today I found a cusiinart saute pan at the thrift shop and couldn't pass it up at only 5.00 It is in very good condition but I am questioning the exterior finish. It looks like copper but I don't think it is. Would it be safe to put in an oven at a range of 350 to 400 degrees?

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Cuisinart did have a line of copper-exterior tri-ply pans, although it appears to be discontinued:

Seems to be an all metal pan with metal handles. Pans you cannot put in an oven almost always have either cheap plastic handles and/or poorly applied non-stick coatings. I've seen some purely decorative copper pans with coatings to keep the copper shiny, but you would not want to cook with those at all, let alone put them in an oven. You have real pan that has coatings or cheap plastic handles. If you need further reassurance, search on "Cusinart + copper + Tri-Ply + oven safe" and you will probably find that it is rated for oven heat up to 450F or 500F.

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