A-C LTD & Induction Cooktop

mvdyk03August 13, 2006

So, over the years, I've sunk a boatload of money into a nice and complete (well, I guess it's never *really* complete) set of A-C LTD cookware. We've also got a couple of the more common Le Creuset pieces (big dutch oven, baker, etc.). We are very happy with all of this, and absolutely love our cookware.

Here's the problem. We're considering an induction cooktop in our new home. Well, actually, I'm pushing for gas, but my better half is pushing for induction. So, of course, we did the magnet test. The magnet stuck like glue to the LC pieces, but wasn't remotely interested in the AC pieces. I *think* this is because the LTD is anodized aluminium on the outside and not stainless, but can someone please confirm (or deny) for me whether A-C LTD will work on induction stovetops.

Thanks much in advance!

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AC LTD is a no go for induction.

LC will be fine.

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I was afraid of that. Thanks for the timely response!

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Only AC's stainless line is magnetic. BTW, not most pans are magnetic but not every pan in that line is (ex. the Roti or roasting pans and some others).

Also, not all stainless steel pans are magnetic and thus induction compatible.

It sounds like the gas option is pulling ahead!

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