Oldish Farberware - A need or a want?

oldpotsAugust 5, 2009

I've been able to pick up some locally and one just now over the internet. I've been wondering if the aluminum clad Farberware is a need or a want.

Some are wants.

What about the 4 qt sauce pot with lid?

Does life seem to be less without the 4 qt sauce pot?



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I have some "oldish" Farberware, going back to the early 1970's, as well as my mother's Farberware. It's the only cookware I kept after I remodeled my kitchen - it doesn't fall off the grates of my cooktop. I love it, and use it all the time. I especially like the big pots - for pasta, and for canning and lobsters. I have the 2qt saucepan, the 4qt stockpot, the 6 qt, the 8 qt, the 12 qt, and probably the 16 qt, too.

The 4 qt is probably the one I use the most (after the two quart), for pasta, chili, preserves, making mashed potatoes when the whole family is over, etc. I couldn't get along without any of them.

I did get some new heavy cookware after the remodel, but I find I still use the Farberware for most everything.

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Been using my Farbrerware since 1971 and we use them all when needed every day. Sometimes I think I should be looking for newer "in-vogue" pot collections, but then I wonder "why". I do have special pots and pans, but fall back on my Farberware set for that everyday standby set to cook with.

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Kinda like I thought: A need.

Sometimes needs are good.

Sure wish I could find another 4 qt sauce pot just in case something might happen to mine. :)


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Looking for old or new Stainless steel Farberware Pots and pans.

1 qt.with lid
11/2 qt. with lid
2 qt. with lid
small skillets
No Nonstick
Preferably with Aluminum bottoms.

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