reusing canning lids question

hykaiaxgunAugust 12, 2011


I'm new to canning and I know that you should not reuse canning lids but I am wondering if that means only if they have been used in the canning process first. I have jars and lids that I used to store herbs and now want to use to can salsa and I'm thinking it's ok but I want to make sure. thanks.

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Be sure that you ask this on the Cooking forum. The folks there are experts on the subject of canning!

Here is a link that might be useful: cooking forum

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If you have not subjected the sealing material to heat and have not subjected it to extreme pressure in tightening the bands so as to leave an impression in the sealing material, they should be safe to use for canning. If, while cooling, a seal fails to develop, then they were not good to use. How many lids are you talking about? You could always try one or two along with some new lids to see how the older ones perform. If they do not seal, then just refrigerate the jar or two and use them first.

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As long as lids are sterilzed and have no dents/bents at the rim, I reuse. I don't can anything tricky... tomatoes in different forms, pickles, etc. I'm sure "experts" will cringe, but as long as they're clean and seal after processing, I go for it. Hasn't killed me yet!!

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