How shall we observe Corning Ware's 50th anniversary? :)

joeekaitisAugust 3, 2006

Yes, I know, some sources say Corning Ware Pyroceram cookware went on the market in 1957, but World Kitchen's website claims the year was 1958.

So be it. If they're going to observe 2008 as the 50th anniversary of "CorningWare", why don't we celebrate 2008 as the anniversary of genuine Corning Ware Pyroceram cookware, if only to set the record straight?

Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly propose The Corning Ware All-American Pyroceram POT-LUCK!

It's only in the planning stages now but if anyone's interested in helping to put together media kits, pot-luck planners and other materials, we might just get enough media attention and let the truth be known about Corning Ware Pyroceram versus today's "CorningWare" stoneware.

The Corning Ware All-American Pyroceram POT-LUCK won't be an elaborate central event like a collectors' convention. That's too unwieldy and expensive. Instead, the POT-LUCK will take place over a weekend in 2008 in homes all over the country, and heck, our friends all over the world can join in, too! What we're celebrating is the ingenuity that created Corning Ware Pyroceram cookware.

We will observe 2 simple rules:

1. Every dish for the pot-luck must be prepared and served in genuine Corning Ware Pyroceram cookware, from soup and salad through main course entrees and on to dessert. Blue Cornflower, Spice o' Life, Autumn Harvest, Plain White and French White are all invited, just as long as it's Pyroceram.

2. Everyone who arrives hungry will go home full of good food and good memories of growing up with genuine Corning Ware.

That's it. If it says "CorningWare" but it's NOT Pyroceram, kindly leave it at home. When I put the POT-LUCK planner together, I'll include a section on identifying the real thing.

Well, that's it for now. Anyone else interested? :)

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What a great idea! I just checked my cabinets and I have 3 Blue Cornflower casseroles with glass lids and several Grab-its.

Does the Pyroceram have a P listed in the identifying marks on the back?

I could help with recipes and menu planning.


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Love it! But outside of small grab-it's and side kicks, I am corning impaired! But I could borrow!!
What do we need to do to proceed?
Linda C

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I inherited a few pieces from my grandmother and was going to take them to Goodwill until I found out that they were "valuable". I guess I should use them to make dishes that my grandmother would have made.

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My mother still has her 1960s Corning "Counter that Cooks" from when they built the house, along with a couple of cabinets full of the special pyroceram Corningware that was designed for it. They have dutifully cooked tens of thousands of meals over the past 36 years, yet everything still looks almost new!

So... Do you give bonus points for cooking said meal on a genuine Corning pyroceram cooktop? :)

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Instead, the POT-LUCK will take place over a weekend in 2008 in homes all over the country,

So your idea is that for this Pot Luck, I cook in my old Corning as always? And serve dinner on my old Corning dishes like I do everyday?

It might be better to call it Family Dinner weekend.

Pot Luck is what you do for a group. I bring my Pot Luck in foil pans because I would never risk not getting my Corning back. LOL

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Loved the "counter that cooked" which we installed in our house when building in about 1967 or '68 - it came with plain white square smooth bottomed "pans", but recently the large square "pot" cracked while I was cooking soup. Anyone willing to sell such a pot? I am so used to it - now 81, too old to learn new tricks. When kids bought my house, they tore out & threw away the Corningware Counter and installed gas. In my new house, I put in a stove with a glass top so I have been continuously using Corningware for about 42 years.

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