Cuisinart Multi Clad Pro

phatcatAugust 11, 2005

Does anyone know if this newly released set is induction capable? It isn't listed on their web site yet even though there are already listing for it on ebay. Thanks

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I seem to recall reading a review on amazon that the only difference between the old Cuisinart Multiclad and the new Cuisinart Multiclad Pro was in the handles, the design of which was changed.

The old Multiclad is not induction-capable. I know. I have some.

Best bet is either to contact the manufacturer or if you see a piece in a bricks-and-mortar establishment, slap a magnet on it and see if it sticks.

I'd be really surprised if it *was* induction capable, but I'm up for a surprise these days, especially considering that I have an induction burner.

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I found someone at KitchenAid who looked up the specs and it is NOT induction compatible. So I guess it isn't an exact replica of the All-Clad.

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What does that mean, induction compatible?

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Induction capable means that it will work on induction cooktops, which generate heat in the bottom of the pan itself using a rapidly oscillating magnetic field. The "burner" never gets hot, only the pan bottom.

For this to work, a magnet must stick to the pan bottom. So, old-fashioned cast iron works great, but copper does not. Special stainless steel alloys (but not most) will stick to a magnet and some stainless cookware contains a layer of this material.

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